Universities Must Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Return to College

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This article is brief about the students under age 18-29 who must be take vaccine before returning to colleges .

More colleges and universities around the nation announce that they are demanding a COVID-19 vaccine before students return to campus. In addition, students are now registering for a vaccine in online mode. Though the pandemic is trending in the wrong direction, infecting 18-to29-year-olds,exactly where the age group of college and graduate students. However, this group is having more likely to die from COVID-19.

Impact OF COVID-19 pandemic on education :

This COVID-19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide, a large number of students across states, class, caste, gender, and region. The closing of schools and the decision of shifting traditional classrooms to digital platforms is not only increasing learning inequality among children, but also it causes you to strain the muscles in your eyes. It may result in headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.
The education sector has been fighting to survive the crises with a different approach and face the challenges to wash away the threat of the pandemic. This context highlights some measures taken by Govt. of India to provide seamless education in the country. Both the positive and negative impacts of COVID-19 discuss, and some valuable suggestions also point to carry out educational activities during the pandemic situation.

Taking precautions and care about health :
>Physical distancing
>Sanitizing Hands frequently
>Cleaning and maintaining area hygienic
>Eat well and sleep well

Do something special :
Everyone has hidden activities in our bodies. It’s time to be taken out; in this pandemic situation. Try with a new, is the best thing which we can learn new things every day and our brain will be sharp and remains in a learning mode.

Tips for online classes:
>Keeping reminders for submitting assignments.
>Communicate regularly for projects.
>Participating in as many events as possible.
>Always try to busy with work .
>Be attentive to classes.

Vaccines are coming to everyone’s neighborhood very soon. Students can’t wait to rejoin with traditional classroom again. After over a year of remote learning, students would love to walk into the lecture hall. COVID-19 vaccination is to be done in institutions. Requiring vaccination will also protect student’s live, shop, and eat. It is time to make plans now. Let’s make sure they can return safely.

By Maroju Sanjana

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