A letter from a ten-year old Kerala girl to the Chief Justice of India attracted the attention and appreciation of all. Lidwina Joseph wrote a letter appreciating the vital steps taken by the Honorable Chief Justice of India Mr. N. V. Ramana to alleviate the sufferings of the Covid-19 patients. She wrote that she was happy and felt proud that the honorable court had issued orders for the regular supply of oxygen to the needed patients and this has saved many precious lives. She also wrote that it was due to the effective steps taken by the Supreme court that the Covid-19 positive cases and the death rate had come down to a great level in our country. The situation in Delhi was alarming and threatening but after the intervention of the Supreme court the situation was under control. Lidwina Joseph is a class five student from Thrissur in Kerala and the letter she wrote was received by the Supreme court towards May end. The hand written letter was accompanied by a colorful illustration showing a bespectacled judge using his gavel to give the Corona virus an knock on its head. The Honorable Chief Justice Mr. N. V. Ramana replied to Lidwina saying , “I have received your beautiful letter along with a heart-warming illustration of the judge at work”. He conveyed that he was impressed by the way she kept track of the happenings in the country. He appreciated her concern for the well being of her fellow citizens. He was sure that she would grow up into a responsible citizen who will immensely contribute towards nation building. Chief Justice Ramana sent her a signed copy of the Constitution of India.

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