Artificial Satellites

A satellite is a celestial body that revolves round a mother planet. Artificial satellites are man-made satellites thrown into the space with the help of rockets and made to revolve in orbits round the earth. It is practically a scientific laboratory fitted with sophisticated gadgets and instrument and sent to outer space for various scientific purposes.

Satellites play major part in the modern communication system. It build instant Communication links with different parts of the world. Radio waves, telecommunication and TV signals are received by satellites and then retransmitted back to earth with greater energy through the satellite’s own transmitted system. This has revolutionised the modern communication technologies. Transmission of news, telephone communications, TV coverage across the world have become possible only because of satellites.

Satellites fitted with powerful cameras and remote sensing devices send picture of clouds and other meteorological data like rains, wind, air pressure, storm of the different parts of the world. These help in in weather forecasting in a very accurate way. This is a great help bin the field of navigation and aviation. From the images sent by satellites through remote sensing devices, scientists gather important information about crop and forecast weather conditions, ground water location, cloud, location of mineral deposits and other data.

Satellites have thus ushered in a new chapter in the application of science for the benefit of mankind.

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