COVAXIN- Effective against Double mutant

Nearly 86,000 cases a day, this should sum up India’s pandemic crisis it’s going to take a lot to crush them surge and to tame these deadly mutant. India has found an effective weapon against the mutations, it is called the Covaxin that made in India shock the latest tests show that Covaxin is effective against all mutations. Covaxin is the jab being produced by the Bharat Biotech, one of the two vaccines being administered in India and the other one is Covishield.

Covaxin has an efficacy of 78% in general and an efficacy of 100% against severe infections. If you get the Covaxin shot, you will most likely not end up in the hospital. The vaccine works against mutations too- the UK variant, the Brazil variant, the South African variant and even the Double mutant, the one that’s said to be driving India’s second wave. Covaxin should work against all of these, this is according to an interim analysis of the final phase of trials which is the phase three trials. The final report of this is expected in june and that’s when the findings will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication. Nontheless these results are very promising.

How does this compared to other shots?

Take the case of Pfizer which has an effectiveness of 95%, it works well against the Brazillian, UK variant but according to an Israeli study the Brazil variant could break through the protection of the Pfizer shot which means it may be less effective. Pfizer is conducting a study into the need of the third dose. We have Moderna, it is also considering similar possibilities that reported a more than 90% of efficacy for it’s shot. Moderna is testing the use of third dose also a Booster shot that targets the South African variant. In the case of Sputnik V, the second dose is slightly different from the first dose and this combination is supposed to prevent the second shot for neutralizing the immunization effects of the first one. Essentially the purpose remains the same , it is the approach that is different. A study found that Sputnik V has 92% efficacy rate. AstraZeneca which is called the Covishield in India has an overall efficacy of 76% but was returned by South Africa. Finally we have Johnson&Johnson, the only single shot vaccine in the world so far has an efficacy rate of 72%. All these vaccine still have to be tested against the Double mutant and now the Triple mutant which has been found in India.

As we know before, India is using two vaccines – Covishield and Covaxin. More than 100million people have got Covishield and over 10 million people got Covaxin . We have data for more than a 110 million people in India. People who got both the doses have been infected by the Coronavirus. A little over 17,000 people got infected after taking one shot of Covishield and about 4,200 people got infected after taking their first shot of Covaxin. After two doses the results are better, incase of Covishield more than 5000 were infected and in Covaxin just 695 were infected. This should tell you how vaccines help.

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