Good and evil effects of competition in life

All of us have been taught about competition in the very early phase of our lives. Competition is all about trying to win in every situation and strive for excellence in every competition we are part of. Competition begins mainly in school amongst classmates, be it in sports or academics. Competition then changes it’s phase into the corporate world where we are all taught to be the extra-ordinary worker from the rest and encourage employees to toil harder for good appraisal, salary hikes, good position in the management, etc. There are both good and bad effects of competition in life. Today, we are going to discuss them.

Positive impacts of competition: Competition has various positive impacts among children, youth, adults, or basically on anyone who strives to do better. Some of them will be discussed here.

1) Competition prevents stagnation- Competition gives us the way to look forward to. It instills in us the thrive to learn and compete with others by comparing ourselves from others and learning their approach to do things in an easier manner than what we do. If there is nobody to compete with, it will never bring on the best potential we have in us. Competition is sometimes thought of being a way of bringing in new and fresh talents in us, it’s a self realisation of our potential and the ability we have and what we can work on which lacks in us.

2) Incentive for improvement- Competition brings in us a sense of improvement in every step we approach to, be it any new idea to be implemented, any new and innovative products or services to be created, etc. It gives us the opportunity to think something new everyday which would keep us on top of everyone else ie competitors. If we keep making the exact same product or service and do not create any plans to improve it through different ideas and technology, users will lose interest and will have no choice but to substitute us.

3) Helps us to understand our strengths and weaknesses- Competition helps us realise our potential and our inabilities to be worked on to improve and be competitive with others in every aspect or field. Knowing what’s good or potentially in us and understanding our inabilities is very important as it will give us the capability of improving our strengths and hiding our weaknesses and will help us to move far ahead from others.-

4)Competition helps one in being aware- Competition helps us to be aware of what work is required to be done and helps us think of innovative ways to perform the same task to be done. It makes one realize the many possibilities of how the same task can be performed in so many different ways and helps one in thinking of ways to complete task to be done which are new and completely different from the traditional way. Example, who would have thought about Dunzo being such an innovative idea of sending packages and items from one place to another and saving other’s time. This awareness of creating something new which is never thought of is competition and sets dunzo apart from the rest.

Negative impacts of competition: If there are positive effects of competition, there are also certain negative imapct competition can have on the mental health.

1)Makes one unproductive- Competition sometimes brings about unhealthy competition. It makes one feel jealous of others and this jealousy will make one feel unhappy amongst themselves. Often, they will try to bring other people down than understanding on how to combat and strike hard and be competitive against the other.

2) Competition can become corrupt- Competition often creates corruption. It makes one feel so jealous towards the other that it often leads to acts of crime. Sometimes, to strive better than the others, the use of drugs and other substances are used which are ultimately unhealthy and brings a sense of bad competition amongst them. One should realize that it is a competition and that it should not be substituted with fight.

3) Competition often leads to impatience- Competition will often let people become impatient towards the competitive way and will make one only think about getting progress towards the competition. It will make people impatient about understanding the different ways to compete and tactics to go about. One will always think about rushing towards things to be done and will feel bad and think that they will be humiliated if they don’t strive for the better.

4) Competition might result in overthinking- Overthinking and competition go hand in hand. Often, we tend to over-think about our next competitors and the next competition coming ahead of us. It will often also lead to over-thinking about the progress. If we do not make any progress, we tend to keep thinking about why we couldn’t and the next steps to combat it, we stop thinking about the present, we only tend to think about our future moves.

So these are some of the good and evil effects of competition. It is left upon us to realize whether we should compete or not and to be under control even while competing is a challenge.

The Important Difference Between Positive and Negative Competition

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