How Indian movies make an impact among the youngsters?


As we all know watching movies is a hobby for most of us in this lockdown. So does it make an impact among us? It’s a bit complicated question to Answer,it has a positive impact and also negative impact. There are so many movies which speaks about the social issues and women empowerment etc., these type of movie make a huge impact in the society and also motivates lots of youngster to achieve something in life, there are so many movies which has a storyline of a real life incident and it makes us realise so many things that we came across in our day to day life.

Firstly, Let’s see the positive impact of movies, We must have watched so many motivational Movies in our life, and you must have felt that some movies are related to your life and some movie must have inspired you, Let’s take an example of a movie called Soorarai Pootru where a young man from a rural village whose dream is to  launch a low cost airline, it’s a real life story it tells about how a person is having dedication and passion to achieve the goal. This type of movies teaches us that nothing is impossible, it doesn’t matter where you live and are you poor or rich, if you are dedicated towards something and if you put you full effort and hardwork then definitely you can achieve your goal.

Nowadays so many actors used to deliver their messages against the Government through their movies. Most of the movies were related to social issues so that the people will be more attracted to watch those types of movies.

Let’s talk about the Negative impact of Movies, Some movies message will be good but it depends upon the perception of the viewers watching it. Some Youngsters used to be involving in bad Activities by watching so many action movies and etc. Those types of movies conveyed a very bad impression among the audience and it tempts the youngsters to go in a wrong path. Most of the gangster movies were delivering good message at the end but the perception of the viewer’s makes the difference. Suppose their favourite actor is smoking then the fans who is used to be a follower of him, he also used to do what he does, the here used to do smoking scenes because the character demands it but we are simply following him and doing bad activities which is very dangerous for our future career. So these types of things should be avoided while we watch the movies.

Yes movies make an impact among youngsters but it has a positive and a negative impact, Many Indian movies have been chosen for Oscar nominations and many movies have inspired many youngsters and motivated them. Nowadays we are having Biopic movies about famous celebrity who achieved in their own field, So we should watch the movies and take a positives out of that and we should also achieve in our life. Let the future directors make our Biopic movie.





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