How to look GOOD in pictures!

We all love posing in front of our camera, don’t we? The world where we are living today has been dealing with a pandemic and with nowhere to go, clicking and posting our pictures on social media has become an important way of communication with our audience. This makes all of us want to look vibrant, lively and better in our pictures. There are a few lucky people among us who are blessed enough to be photogenic and look great in pictures quite effortlessly. But for the others, we might need to use simple hacks to photograph better. Let’s have a look at a few things one can do to help them get photographed better and show off that wonderful smile —

–> Click pictures at correct angles – It is very important to know the camera angles that flatter your features and click your pictures accordingly. The angle can be referred to as the degree to which the camera points towards the subject. Angles are capable of adding a different perspective, mood, and feel to your photos. Clicking your pictures using good camera angles can help your features look sharper and click better pictures.

–> Well-lighted rooms – Choosing the right lighting instantly adds brightness to the subject and avoids haziness in the pictures. Try clicking pictures in a well-lighted room or area. Keep the colour temperature in mind as well because it adds a warm or cool tone to the picture. Keep in mind to use a broad light source as it casts fewer shadows and is apt for shooting portraits. Nowadays we have many lights available for purchase online, like ring lights, etc. that alone can be used for shooting and clicking pictures.

–> Practice for better poses – Having the correct posture and pose while clicking a picture also determines how crisp and appealing it looks to the viewer. Some people do get conscious when they are in front of the camera, their bodies are too stiff and awkward and hence they do not look good in pictures. On the other hand, do not slouch or droop in front of the camera as well. Both of these postures will result in not-so-good pictures! Relax, be comfortable in your natural skin and pose confidently to let that confidence shine through and translate into amazing pictures.

–> Enhance your best features and dress well – Another tip to get good-looking clicks is to enhance your best features which can be as simple as putting on a little bit of makeup, maybe an eyeliner or lipstick to highlight your facial features. Dressing well, wearing tidy clothes with attractive colours or embellishments also adds that extra bit of sparkle to your pictures.

–> Don’t ditch the SMILE – Though a smile isn’t the only expression that will help you get good pictures, you can try smiling in the pictures and also in the process of clicking the pictures to feel good from within. When you are happy you tend to enjoy more and the happy vibes can be seen through the pictures. You are bound to get lively and attractive pictures if you are smiling and expressing your happiness through them.

Happy Clicking!

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