Small tweaks to happy life

Sometimes life doesn’t goes the way we want it to be. One day we are so pumped up to start your day and the next we are not. Life is the biggest rollercoaster in an amusement park called the universe. There are more ups and downs and hey that’s how balance works right? But somedays your lows occupy most of your valuable time than the good ones. You will be left more anxious and sullen. You will start blaming yourself for being lazy and procrastinating. And again another bad day sweeps in and spoils the good ones. If you are there, let me tell you something -We are human and it’s okay to be this way. We all undergo the same loop every day but in different time zones. Now you may question, so this is how life works. I can’t do anything about it but lead a stressful life? huh?. Hmmm..wait a minute, maybe you are wrong there. Yes, of course, that’s how life works with ups and downs, on and offs. But you can make some changes to not feel so intimidated when your day goes wrong.

  1. First, breathe a little:

I know sometimes when your day goes wrong. The first and foremost thing you start to do is blame yourself. You assume that’s an easy way to cope up with the problem. Actually, it is not. It likes dodging a bullet still getting the shot. Do not or never blame yourself because, in the end, you are not gonna focus on whats the problem is but rather you blame yourself and end up in a bed crying. So stop blaming yourself and breathe in. Let go of the pressure first.


2.Analyse: Analyze why it is happening. Do you find a pattern in it or has it occurred just once? Can you do anything about it? If not why not step back and be patient. If you can do so, then sort out a plan. Think of a solution but be in the right mind. Don’t take any decision based on impulsion. Impulsive decisions are never good or never have been. So analyze the problem and do something about it either step in or step out and relax.


3.Something you love/like: Now that you haven’t blamed yourself and analyzed the situation. You will wonder what’s next. Your mind will be sometimes anxious no matter what you try. So instead of sitting in your chair and overthinking. Try to distract yourself. If your day is going bad don’t make it worst by clinging to it. Instead, do something you like, it can be anything. Doing something you like on a bad day can make it much better, gives you hope, and motivates you to have a better day. Imagine clinging onto a bad day and making it worst or doing something you like for just one minute to make it better. Sounds like the latter is fun, right?


4.Journaling: If you are a journal person or not, I recommend you to jot it down at the end of the day. It gives you a perspective and analyse your day way better. It’s more therapeutic than you think. You don’t have to sit down and write every bit of your day.But maybe a few keywords like “good,bad,average,grateful,fun,happy,etc.”Having a mood journal helps you have a great view of how you are doing emotionally. Journaling is like taking everything that’s in your heart to a note. Heaviness is sure shifted from your heart to the note and you will feel light after writing.


Life is always messy, you don’t have to be perfect nor right. Just live a life where you feel fulfilled and happy.Nobody is perfect.Sometimes life is designed that way.But our role is to make it better than what it is. I hope these tips will tweak a small part of your bad day to make it better. The second part of this blog is coming sooner. So stay tuned.

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