To enter into the world of creativity and to make any original piece of creation, non-friction, poetry, friction take some time, practice and persistence. There is not exact spell, magic or scientific formula to make anyone into next J.K. Rowling, Stephen king, George Orwell or Vikram Seth. But a bridge to put yourselves into best position to became successful. Here are the few tips that will put you into the path of becoming successful:

• If you don’t read, you can’t write:

Reading and writing are interlinked. If we want to write then we have to read too. For instance: if you wanted to write any poetry and you haven’t read any poems even in life then it would be like throwing a stone into dark room. Reading gives an idea about what have to be done and what other writers are doing out there. To gain any sense what you will be doing. It would definitely give you the sense idea how a writing process has to done. It would even help us to develop our own style in the field of writing.

• Practice the work:

Practice always makes a man perfect. Practice the style we are interested into will lead to sharp it more. It will make us more aware about the technique we could use to hence your content even more. It is always the first step to practice anything. We can be lazy is we want to establish ourselves in this world. It surely would be long journey and endless hard work but in the end it would worth.

• Command over language:

A writer should which word they should use to enhance their craft even more. They must know how to play with words. Language must be very attractive so that it could grab the attention of the reader.

• Find your voice:

If you are writing any content on already written material, chances would be reader already know about it. They don’t want to read same thing in other words. So, it would be better to kind your own unique style and genre. uniqueness is the key to display your art to the world.

• Make your pen ‘bleed’:

Which means never limit yourself to any specific object. Always try to explore the whole of creativity. Mindstorms the possible ideas, it would be great technique to think of all the possible ideas and pen down every single thing. Mind storming would be the foundation of your creative piece.

• Embrace all the criticism:

Never give up anything after facing backlash. Creative work often gets criticize by opposite ideological group. If you except all the criticism with open arms then will eventually lead you to became more effective at writing. Fusion of learning from mistake or your experience will adversely polish your art.

So, these are few tips and trick to achieve our goals as a successful creative writer.

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