Trees are useful and beautiful gifts of nature. Forests help in maintaining the ecological balance which is so essential for preservation of life on this earth. Existence of man on earth,therefore,depends on forests.

Carbon di-oxide released by man are used by trees while the oxygen released by trees are useful for men’s life. Therefore both trees and men are interdependent on each other. Forests provide immense wealth and riches for us. They yield timber and fuel wood, bamboos, canes, leaves, fruits, fibres and grasses. The other useful products from forests are shellac, resin, precious herbs and medicinal plants. Forests are also a great source of material for paper, rubber, gums etc. Trees have direct influence on the climate of a region. Trees induce rains and prevent air pollution. The roots of trees bind loose soil and thus help in soil conservation.

With increase in population and rapid industrialisation, random deforestation has taken place. This has resulted in dwindling rainfall, depletion in ground water level and occurrence of drought. The rehabilitation of forests, maintenance of proper forests and ecosystem are the only way left to people for their survival.

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