Amazing herd of wandering Elephants

China’s wandering elephants have grabbed the attention of people worldwide. A herd of 15 wild elephants has attracted global attention for their trek through China. The herd of wild Asian elephants has covered five hundred kilometers so far. The journey began more than a year ago. The herd took a break on Monday in a patch of forest on the outskirts of south west China. The herd was spotted sleeping together in a group and this image went viral on the social media and every newspaper reported this epic journey of the elephants. After taking the much needed break on Monday the elephants began walking again on Tuesday. This triggered fears in the people residing in the nearby villages as they taught the elephants would approach the human settlements. The local government has warned the villagers not to leave corn or sugarcane out in their yards that might attract the tuskers. Residence in the area have also been evacuated from the elephants path. The government has also distributed more than two tons of feed to the roaming herd. The wildlife experts are unsure why the herd is migrating from their original habitat. However this epic journey of the herd of elephants will remain unforgettable in our memories in the years to come.

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