Life without internet.

Life without internet is the nightmare that terrifies every self-respecting human being.It may seem like an impossible feat but here’s the truth dear reader: living without wifi at home is doable and not a prison sentence of any kind. Although you can’t even imagine it, that time existed. These are ancient times, when everything was rural. The internet came into our lives, cities grew, water irrigation watered our fields and the world was filled with light and colour.More than that, our need to remain connected means that nearly half of the people who own smartphones sleep with their phone next to their bed because they are afraid of “missing something.”

The fact of the matter is, the more connected we are to the net, the more we’re disconnecting from reality. The best thing about living without wifi at home is that you have to find other things to do. It forces you to be in the present and explore a world beyond the screen. Living without internet at home means that you’re able to focus on a task without your attention being diverted to your phone when you get a notification. You are in control of your time, instead of wifi being in control of your time.You benefit by restricting your use of Wi-fi because it forces you to be more organized. No longer do you have the luxury of 24/hour access to the internet, instead, you’ll have to plan your time accordingly when you do have access to an internet connection.

Disconnecting from the internet can mean less stress. We all get a little impatient when someone doesn’t reply in the next millisecond.We live in a world where Wi-fi is readily available in almost every public space. Why not switch it up and work in a cafe, the library, or your university if you’re a student?

We’d take our eyes off screens and strike up real-life conversations with each other. We’d discover that our smartphones can actually make phone calls. We’d bring back fax machines, and start making notes by hand.Unless cell phone towers and telephone lines were also shut down. Then you’d go back to writing letters and sending them via post. Forget about wireless file transfers. With no WiFi, you’d have to use a physical cable to connect two computers. Or a CD.They would be affected too, as international trade is dependent on the Internet. So is the world’s transit. With no Internet access between airports, planes, ships, trains, and commercial trucking, we’d go back to tracking goods on paper.

This would raise the market value of transported products, as it would be more complicated to deliver goods to stores. At least you could still travel. However, you won’t have Instagram to share your travel selfies anymore. The Internet is still not the be all and end all of services available to mankind, but its disappearance would instantly change our world as we know it.

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