Mental Health During Lockdown

Deal with depression by maintaining a routine

it’s not only about getting panic attacks and getting depressed out over the feelings you have , but it could also happen with the claustrophobic settings around you. In this time of difficulty, the first measure for you should be to recognize the origin of your fear. For example, if you feel negative vibes from the deaths around you, take a break from social media, or try not to read the forwarded messages for a while.

Social media tends to worse mental health more than the surroundings near you. Understand the meaning of isolation by examining the settings. So, below are a few things I would suggest doing.

  • Manage your settings by planning your daily routines. Yes, you can have one when irrespective of being home all day. Try dividing hours for your exercise, studies, work, and ensure you have a healthy diet.
  • Studies say, ‘consuming tobacco and alcohol could be the stress busters for people who cannot deal with such emotions.’ While you maintain a healthy diet as you did earlier, try not to consume any drugs for worsening your physical or mental health.
  • You may be working from home, so it is easier to take short breaks and organize your settings comparing to your time at the office. Do not stress yourself about the work settings or the distribution because the more you worry, the more panicking the situation would get.
  • Like I have been saying, try a new hobby or improve the ones you have. At least it would give you a goal about what to do to spend your time or how to kill time. You never know if learning a new hobby brings wonders in your life

Fight loneliness by writing your feelings

well , loneliness is something we will face in our lives plenty of times irrespective of who we are and where we are. This is one of the powerful ways to improve mental health during lockdown.

  • Write down your feelings of emotions. It is not only a stress buster, but it is also a technique to know yourself each day. Try sharing your feelings, and you would feel better.
  • Now you have the time to complete the memories or wishes with your loved ones. As I said above, try to maintain a routine and give your time to people to whom you may not have looked at due to work. Share your rest days with your parents/grandparents/children. Make the most use of these days, as you shall miss these later in life.

Feeling of panic attacks and fear

It is a unanimous feeling during lockdown while you may consider the ways mentioned above to improve your mental health during lockdown. I can confirm you of one thing that you are not alone. As you are at home, try speaking with your parents, call a friend, or reach your therapist, if any. Talk to them about the things that may have been bothering you during all this while. Do not hide your feelings in any way, and be frank about it.

Improve your lifestyle

Do you know it takes twenty-one days to maintain a habit? Though it has been long, understand any change in lifestyle takes time to adapt. This technique is famous among older adults, as my grandmother suggested to me when I was a kid. She said, ‘try to focus your attention on one object and observe the duration of your focus.’ While you can achieve the same by meditating or doing yoga, this is one of the techniques I learned to maintain my concentration on studies.


In any case, you feel afraid to share your emotions, feel free to contact at, or drop a message here. These are some of the necessary measures to improve your mental health during lockdown. These guidelines do not stick to the lockdown period only, but also on your healthy everyday life.

I hope this article brought the satisfaction in you and had a motivational boost on your soul. Keep visiting TheBackstoryy for more articles!

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