Nestle’s unhealthy food products – leaked report

Here’s one thing that experts keep telling you, do not trust health products blindly and do not judge food products by their packaging. There is a case study and it is on the world’s biggest food group Nestle which is a paring company of maggie, kitkat, ice tea, nescafe- these are the household names. Nestle promises you good food, good life but is it actually selling you unhealthy products? Many of these recently failed to meet health standards. Nestle’s products were studied by Australia’s health star rating system and 60 percent of them did not meet the recognized definition of health. Nestle’s internal document was leaked. This was even more damaging, the document said some of Nestle’s products will never be healthy no matter how much they renovate. The Financial times reported the details of this internal document of Nestle’s, it said only 37 percent of Nestle’s food and beverages by revenue achieved a 3.5 health star rating. 70 percent of the food products failed to meet the threshold, as did 96% of it’s beverages and 99 % of it’s confectionary and ice cream.

Health food is a term that we have a big problem with and you know that how the term health is abused and misused in advertising. Nestle too promises in health and wellness in fact it is at the very heart of the company’s campaign. Nestle’s pitch has been called off, the company says it is looking at it’s entire portfolio meaning it’s entire range of products to ensure that they are meeting nutritional needs and supporting a balanced diet. Nestle India has issued a statement that says it believes that nutrition is a fundamental need and the food industry has a vital role to play in enabling healthier lives driven by our purpose we are constantly striving to increase the nutrient profile of our products as well as innovate with new and nutritious offerings. Nestle recorded the strongest quarter in a decade, it’s sales are up to 40 percent courtesy home bakers and coffee drinkers. It is so called health products also benefited with people stocking up vitamins and supplements but this leaked report can now hamper Nestle’s expansion into the health and wellness category. It also rains on the goodwill Nestle has earned during the pandemic, the company claims to have given financial health and aid to more than 50 countries. The last thing that company needs is to be branded unhealthy at a time when healthy is the new and biggest sales pitch.

What does the leaked internal document mean for you and me? Are we staring at an another ban on Nestle products. We must take a glance on the swiss company. Nestle sells in 186 countries, has 2000+ brands and their products range from baby food to frozen food and pizza. The brands that scored worst in the recent ratings include croissant, crust pizza , you must review your shopping cart before you check out. If you’re from India then the story changes a little. Nestle sells only nine out of its thirty five billionaire brands in India, 46.3 % of it’s sales in India come from milk and value added milk products like yogurt , 29.5 % of its sales come from prepared food like maggie , 13.2 % from chocolate like kitkat and 11.1% from beverages like coffee. Most of these products were not included in the ratings, does that mean they are safe and healthy? well we can’t say that.

This story is yet an another remainder of the many things that are wrong with packaged , instant food products and Nestle may not be an exception.

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