‘Peace of Mind’ is so rarely found. The state is long forgotten and lost in the sands of time. These are the thoughts that click in our minds when we hear or think about the peace of mind.

We are running so fast in our lives that we have lost peacefulness somewhere far behind. And if by chance we decide to slow down and move back in its search, we find it difficult to trace it back.

We are compromising this gem of our lives for achieving material gains. And no one can deny that peacefulness is above all gains and possessions one acquires. People go outside in the world in search of inner peace, but little did they know that it is the only journey to be taken inside of one’s self, deep into the soul and mind. Peace resides within each of us suppressed down by success, money, dream job, big house, and many more pressing weights.

While some people realize the process of achieving inner peace and slowly tries to lift all the weight and release the peace from its trap, there are some unmindful people who believe that they will find peace in acquiring all that they wish, their dream job, luxurious house, or vacation in the forest.

The greatest enemy of peace is negativity, i.e, stress, worries, tensions, and fears. They always have their swords drawn to kill peace. If one realizes this threat and keeps fears, worries, stress, and tensions at bay, then peace is protected. Spending time with loved ones, being alone in solitude, watching the sunset, resting below the starry night, reading a good book are some ways through which people find peace. Different people find it in different ways.

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Finding peace is not a herculean task. You just have to peep inside yourself and you will find the way. Achieving peace of mind is all about diverting your mind from all those daily chores, that make you stressed and drained. You have to center all your energy within a point inside you, and at that point, you will meet peace and serenity.

Early morning meditation is the best way of living a peaceful life. It fills you with positive energy and blocks all areas through which negativity enters.

Accepting whatever life you live and being grateful for what you possess gives you inner peace. It is the greed of wanting more that creates chaos inside.

Peace can also be achieved when you accept yourself for who you are, your strengths and weakness, and your physical self. When you stop comparing yourself with others, stop being jealous of others, is the time when you’d feel contented.

Dalai Lama beautifully said,
“Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”

We all go through thick and thin. That does not mean that you will sit back cursing your situation. Peace of mind is attained even in the hardest of situations only if we accept the situation and find ways to overcome it and improve those parts of your life that are under your control.

Adopting these will also keep you tied to peacefulness. It’s our apathy that loses the connection.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”
—Saint Francis de Sales