Radio comes to Rampur : worth watching nostalgia

‘Radio comes to Rampur’ is a Hindi realised in 1999 which is beautifully directed by Asha Dutta. Duration
of the movie is 46 minutes; starring Mukesh Bhatt, Beena Roy, Bharat Bhushan, Vijay Pal Singh, Pravin,
Pratibha Tripathi, Rooma Rajni, Rohit Raj, Neeraj Kabi, Shailendra Srivastava, Amrendra, Sanjay Sonu, Prakash Jais, Chandan Sinha, Vinod Kumar, Amrendra Vidyarthi, Poonam Jha, Meena Vaibhav, Anita Neha, Shruti Bhattacharya, Phoolena Roy, Dadhi Pandey, Ram Mishra, Rishabh Shrivastav, Amlesh, Akash Ajmera, Wilbur Dsouza, Azhar Shaikh, Kevin Joshi and Kiran Nishar. The Film was produced by children’s film society under National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC).

Plot of the movie goes, there was a time when one radio would become the star attraction of an entire village. Radio Comes to Rampur is not only nostalgic of those innocent times, but weaves a funny story around it. The village of Rampur is abuzz with the anticipation of the wonder box – radio, that the landlord of the village wants to buy. The excitement, frenzy and the absence of knowledge about what a radio really becomes the focal point of the village and every hilarious incident that takes place in it. When the landlord’s brother finally does bring the radio, the collision of anticipation with reality, leads to a rib-tickling anti-climax. Somewhere at the end of this movie commented on how people even today if you just mumble anything on any matter people will drag you into their controversy.

Costume wore by actors is pretty realistic. Even today there are still some people who have same fashion sense as displayed in movie. So, it doesn’t matter when movie released because people can yet relate. Location where movie shot was village which was pretty authentic in nature. It displayed how school, shops, doctor’s clinic use to work back in day even fest which was held at landlord house was still relatable in this decade too.

Background Music and Dialogue were on point nothing seemed too extra. Writer did excellent job on dialogues and character development because nothing was out of context and every line displayed how local use to speak. Story goes when the people from the village of Rampur eagerly wait for their landlord to buy a radio. However, things take an unusual turn after the radio arrives nothing seems to be working properly firstly landlord’s brother forget which wire goes to which hole of radio the even forget to plug electric wire. Eventually light cut off, they call electrician but by the time everything got in place it was too late people who were wating for radio to listen got bored and call it as waste their waste of time. The film humours children with the vision of a time hard to imagine even today. So, its worth watching for bringing all the nostalgic memories back from childhood and you won’t regret it.

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