Rahul pal Jitin Prasada dumped Congress,joined BJP

Rahul pal Jitin Prasada dumped Congress and joined BJP on Wednesday: BJP got a major boost politically yesterday after an opposition leader joined it. A prominent leader of Congress party, Jitin Prasada joined the saffron party. He snapped three generation of family ties with Gandhi family and ended his proximity to Rahul Gandhi. The political move which shocked everyone by surprise came after a BJP spokesperson, Anil Baluni’s tweet. The spokesperson tweeted about an important impending arrival and Prasada’s presence at the BJP headquarters. This tweet delivered a shock to the opposition party. Prasada who was once a part of Rahul’s brigade dumped Indian National Congress (INC). Last year, we also saw Jyotiraditya Scindia another prominent leader of Congress party leaving it being unsatisfied with the party.

Like Scindia, Prasada also showed his dissatisfaction with Congress Party. He explained that he had been left with no role to play in political affairs related to party. It is noted that Prasada has deep roots in UP, so his leaving of Congress is being estimated as a heavy loss for Congress. It is also being read as a lack in Congress’s prospects. At the time when the ruling party is being blamed and criticised about vaccination policy and also being asked whether it’s stock has fallen, joining of Prasada looks like a support to the ruling party and disagreement with the allegations by opposition parties. It is providing a welcome change of narrative for the ruling party and dampener for Congress which was trying it’s best to defame BJP over the second wave of pandemic.

Lately Prasada had been very vocal about issues related to Brahmin community. He also floated ‘Brahmin Chetna Parishad’ recently. From a two-term Lok Sabha MP (from Shahjahanpur and Dhaurahra) to a minister two times during Manmohan Singh’s rule, he has been an active politician. He is the successor to the family’s political legacy where his father Jitendra Prasada was a prominent leader and a known face in state and Delhi politics. His father used to have a very crucial role during the Narasimha Rao government where he was the late leader’s political secretary.

At the time, when lately there were lot of murmurs about unhappiness among the Brahmin community towards the Yogi Adityanath’s dispensation, Prasada’s entry in BJP is being estimated as a beneficial timely move for pleasing the unhappy people. Besides, it is also being estimated that it is going to give leverage to party leadership in the state to handle some aspiring leaders, who are said to be unhappy with the state government and who can be a bit troublesome before elections at the time of ticket distribution. As per the expected timeline, it is estimated that BJP will be all set in the poll mode by the end of this year.

After joining BJP in the presence of Union minister Piyush Goyal and chief spokesperson Anil Baluni, Prasada expressed his gratitude to the ruling party. Prasada emphasised that BJP was the only national party which worked in an institutional way, while others were all about a few people or confined to specific regions. He also praised leadership by PM Modi and said “If there is any political party or a leader standing for the interests of the nation today, given the situation that our country is going through, it is BJP and PM Narendra Modi,”

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