Reasons to do Leh bike trip

By just listening to the words  Bike trip to Leh, what actually comes to your mind? The greenery , adventure, hills, valleys, tea stalls , snow laden roads, snow falls and many many more.

In this monotonous hectic life, one needs a break even if for a few days. But that too to a place where nature has its blessings. Where one could forget about all the problems in their life , all the tensions, where everything is serene. Definitely , anyone would long for that, right?

 Whether you are a human driver, then you will probably see its winding roads and mountain passes to flash before your eyes. Your brain needs it in order to reach out to you for taking it on a long trip, and no one else is going to give it to them, and you are in Ladakh. You are very lucky because now you can easily plan and go on a bike trip in Leh Ladakh. Do you know the what, the how, and why? Because of many adventure clubs and travel agencies which are coming forward to beautifully organize these trips and make it more memorable for you.

Leh Ladakh is a destination that oozes with mystery, adventure, and a whole lot of tension. If you are planning a trip to Ladakh , then it should be done carefully looking into every possible aspect of a safe journey. The main advantage of taking a trip to Ladakh, in addition to that, our love of the charm of Ladakh Leh, you can experience the adventure, the excitement, and the beauty of the journey. 

Once you have chosen the road of Manali, the trip to Ladakh will be even more memorable and interesting as well. Some people may think that the speed and flexibility of pathways, but both planes and trains, so why not select a difficult route. However, it does have its own charm, and adventure. 

5  Reasons  Why you should  Do “Leh Ladakh Bike Trip” :

1.     A perfect plan for escaping the Summer:

One of the main reasons behind people’s common desire to go to the mountains is the summer and the heat. The cool kingdom of Ladakh is the perfect place to spend your summer. Even when the sun is at its peak heating period, this place seems to have no effect. Often, in the summer, the temperature rarely exceeds 25 degrees Celsius.

2. The thrust for Adventure is satisfied:

Many of you will probably have to do the same thing every day, like going to college or to work and then come home. It is the innate nature of the food and then doing something else for a change. If you love adventure, this is a must when your brain feels like it’s going to explode. For these people, a bike ride in Ladakh is going to be too nice and too expensive. Driving on the roads with a width of a road, in some places, with high cliffs on one side and a deep ditch on the other hand, it will definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

These sections, in the best case scenario, are going to make your heart beat faster, but the Street, the Loop is perhaps one of the most intimidating parts of the Leh-Manali highway, in a manner causing it to jump up into your mouth. This series consists of more than 20, the blind, the curvy and sharp turns in front of the Canopy. Do you know what this is, but just look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean. At some intersections, the path is to be a little more than a muddy, paving the way is full of stones, and the stones which are cut into the rock, a rock that is hanging over your head!

3.     Freedom to follow your passion:

Many times people have the question that instead of taking the bike ride one could opt to go by a car or any other means. The answer is simple, the pre-formed in the journey, you don’t always have the freedom to choose your path. Most of the roads are on a tight schedule, and usually retains only a certain amount of time for each mode. However, if you really like a particular location, and wish to spend more time there? You can always eat.” Bike tours which will allow you to go at the right pace and stay in one place for you to enjoy. Even if you are left behind you can join them later.”

4.     The privilege of camping amidst the serene nature:

One more way in which bike tours to Ladakh score over tour packages is accommodation. Mostly the tour packages take you with their own rules and safety considerations and conduct the tour according to their guidelines , the most basic one is to take you to a hotel by flight. I am all for comfort, but sometimes the calling of nature is a lot louder than that of comfort. Sometimes, staying at a camp is a better experience than staying at a hotel. On a Ladakh bike trip, you can stop at places like Sarchu and Jispa to camp under the clear sky and breathe the freshest air around. If any of your known people recently undertook such a venture, they must have told you that at night, they got the clearest view of the Milky Way imaginable.

5. A Chance to Drive on Snow:

There are places like this in Ladakh, most of the time, you can be sure that you are going to see the snow, and I am talking about the 20,000 to 25000 ft high peaks.It is, of course, the mountain pass where the regional roads are well-known. Passes like Khardung La, Chang La, Tanglang La, Kunzum La, Lachulung La, and Naki La, situated at an altitude of 15,000 m), there can be a little bit of snow in the summer months. Do not forget to take with you to a few of the chains that you have to keep your metal of the animals to light at the surface. You don’t want to slip on the hard ice, because it’s going to be cold, and painful!