Seals are one of the most endangered and rarest mamels alive today in between us ,but it wasn’t always the case.This paper reveals that the critically endangered monk seals once called Australia home approximately five million years ago.

The paper reveals that Australia was once the home of monk seals approximately five millions ago. According to expertise team of Australia , monk seals became extinct in Australia over threee millions ago, and were restricted to the tropics and the Mediterranean after temperatures fell during the Ice Ages. This left monk seals on the brink of extinction after overhunting by humans, with roughly 2000 individuals left.The discovery of Eomonachus and the Australian monk seals led the researchers to re-investigate the origins of the group.”Our research indicates that monk seals evolved in Australasia,” Dr. Rule said.”This is in contrast with every theory previously put forward by scientists.”

Previous research has theorized this change in climate spurred the extinction of many ancient seals in the Southern Hemisphere. This would have included Eomonachus, as well as the Australian monk seals.”This suggests the world’s last two species of monk seal, vestiges of what was once likely a widespread group, are also at risk from climate change,” Dr. Rule said. If sea levels continue to rise, the beaches monk seals rely on for resting and breeding may disappear. Rising temperatures could also disrupt food webs, making it difficult for them to find food.

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