The Bermuda Triangle- Mystery

The human race is inquisitive by nature, mysteries excite all of us. But there are very few mysteries that have the power to captivate and terrify us at the same time- the Bermuda Triangle is that kind of mystery. The Bermuda Triangle has been called a lot of things- The Devil’s Triangle, The Hoodoo sea, The Limbo of the lost. It has been subjected to many paranormal theories, some say it is a gateway to the underworld, a wormhole to another dimension. A lot of credit for these strange theories goes to the Hollywood. Movies that have made the place rather fancy and only added to it’s mystery, movies like Secrets of The Bermuda Triangle, Lost in The Bermuda Triangle, Beyond The Bermuda Triangle based on this triangle.

Why are we discussing it now?

On the 28th of December 2020, a boat with 20 people on board left Bimini in the Bahamas , it was supposed to arrive in Florida on the 29th may but something went wrong. The boat travelled around the area that encompasses the topic of our story and it went missing. We are in 2021 now, the boat has not returned. The US Coast guards searched atleast 17,000 square miles, it has now suspended the search. This incident has once again made people think about the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle.

Connecting the places of Bermuda, Florida ,Puerto Rico and back to Bermuda we get a mysterious triangle with an area of 500,000 square miles. This is the Bermuda Triangle , it is believed that radios stop working here, compasses spin like crazy, electronics start freaking out, some say they have spotted UFOs. This triangle has swallowed 75 aircrafts more than a 100 ships and close to 1000 humans. All the way back to the 15th century, on his first voyage Italian explorer and America’s first illegal immigrant Christopher Columbus travelled across the region and reported that a great flame was spotted crashing into the sea and that a strange light appeared a while later. Then in 1611, the famous playwright William Shakespeare based his play “The Tempest” on a Bermuda shipwreck. In 20th century the Bermuda Triangle became the hot topic. In 1918, a 542-foot long US navy ship called the USS Cyclops sank between Barbados and Chesapeake bay. The ship was carrying more than 300 people, they vanished into thin air. More mysterious vanishes followed in 1945 , five American Torpedo bombers and a plane that was sent to find them vanished without a trace. In recent year 2015, when the cargo ship SSL Faro disappeared in the region it was travelling from Florida to Puerto Rico and disappeared from the radars on the 1st of october 2015 and was found on the 31st of october wrecked 15,000 feet below at the bottom of the Atlantic.

A team of scientists from the University of Colorado in 2016, introduced a new theory . They found a series of hexagonal clouds which might act like air bombs. These air bombs are believed to cause deadly blasts of air, which can exceed 170miles per hour. We can call them Hurricane forced winds, they can really blow up the air and can also trigger sea waves as high as 45 feet in the air. Most ships failed to survive such storm and most aircrafts failed to survive such winds. According to scientist, clouds do not really form straight edges but the Bermuda triangle is an exception and unexplained anomaly. It’s not alone, there are atleast eleven other places like the Bermuda triangle across the world.