Underrated Social Media Apps

None of us can deny that we are social media addicts. We could toil day by day in offices and homes. But, at the end of the day, all of us are glued to our cell phones. We turn to entertainment in these social media apps to take the edge off the work tension. 

Undoubtedly, apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok and Facebook currently dominate the social media platform. Aimlessly scrolling through the feed of Instagram and Facebook, we haven’t given other countless social networking apps a chance. 

With the user base facing tremendous growth every year, companies strive hard to provide their users with the right platform to build valuable connections and reach their target audience.

Without further ado, let us dive right into the plethora of social media sites that present abundant opportunities to express your creativity, create unique content, explore new areas, etc. 

  • Pinterest

It is a social media site that users can utilise to discover ideas that spark inspiration or “pinspiration”. Unlike posts shared on Instagram or Facebook, posts on Pinterest have a much longer lifespan. Your posts could be as old as time itself, but they would still be what someone else needs today. Pinners are interested in new and unique products. Small-scale businesses can bring their products to the spotlight by using the right keywords and captivating images.

  • Reddit

It is a discussion-based platform where people come together for respectful interaction and constructive conversations. It consists of many forums called subreddits. Every subreddit has its topic of interest, like cooking recipes, technology advancements, sports, etc. 

Starting a conversation is the best way of marketing on Reddit. You can use Reddit to get feedback on your products, campaigns and other aspects of your business. 

  • Koo 

It is a social networking app that empowers people to express their thoughts and opinions in their local languages. The mode of communication could be through text, audio, video or a combination of all of these. 

  • Goodreads

It is a social media networking site dedicated to book lovers. It provides a platform for fellow knowledgeable readers and book-enthusiasts to share their reviews and recommendations. They can join virtual reading clubs and connect with other people who share their tastes and preferences. 

  • Discord

It is a social media app that is organised into topic-based channels. It is generally preferred by gamers to chat and discuss gaming strategies. It provides voice channels and screen share facilities to bring together groups of people. 

  • Wattpad

It is a global community of millions of readers and writers. It offers a platform for budding young writers and well-established writers to express their talent and skills in a wide variety of genres. It also has an option for paid stories in which a few exclusive writers earn money. 

  • Influenster

It is a product discovery and review platform which offers millions of honest reviews on different categories such as food, beauty, pets, tech, etc., from other consumers. It also has a community forum where members can interact about the new products and trends. 

There are many undiscovered gems when it comes to social media. Some of the platforms listed above are just the taste of what is available to us.  

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