Why is smiling important?

We’ve often heard other’s saying, “Your smile is the prettiest ornament you own”, and well that is quite true. Your smile is that one tool of expression which conveys a lot, be it feelings of happiness, love, admiration among all the other positive emotions. A smile has the power to reduce the intensity in a room filled with tension and induces positivity. It makes you appear amicable and approachable. If you want to keep radiating positivity, love, and happiness where ever you go, then definitely do not forget to carry your smile around. Apart from just spreading positivity, there are a lot of other amazing physical and mental health benefits that smiling offers. We cannot restrict the advantages of smiling to just a mere boost of mood, but it helps us in numerous ways. Let’s have a look at a few of them –

Smiling reduces stress – Think of any such incident when you were not having the greatest day and things were going haywire. You maybe even displaced your frustration on someone else. Now try and imagine to remove that frown from your face and affix a smile. Does that change anything? The incidents of your day definitely won’t change, but how you react to the situation and deal with the people around you will. Adding a smile will help remove the stress and add a sense of calmness to your mind, promoting better mental health and increasing productivity. This happens because when you smile, your brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and endorphins to help fight off stress. So the next time you are stressed, try putting on a smile. It will make you feel a lot better.

Smiling boosts your immune system – Smiling does help in the better functioning of our immune system. It happens so possibly because we are more relaxed and calm. It reduces the risk of developing cold, flu and improves your resistance to illnesses. This is also because smiling increases dopamine levels which increases infection-fighting antibodies and is helpful for our body’s health.

Smiling may help increase your life span- Few studies conducted did show that the people who were happier and tend to live longer. It can contribute to decreased stress levels, and as a by-product prolong lifespan. Positive emotions are a must for a happier and healthier life, so make sure to look in the mirror and smile at yourself every day!

Smiling makes you look and feel attractive – Whenever we look at a person who is smiling, we perceive them as sincere, friendly, and attractive. Think it for yourself, in a room with two people you would rather have a conversation with the person who is wearing a smile than the one who is frowning, right? We are drawn to the people who radiate positivity and like their personalities better. It also has a positive impact on the person who is smiling as it makes you feel happier, more confident and as such appear attractive to others.

Remember, smiling is free therapy! Try to keep smiling through the tough times too, as a warm smile can help beat a lot of your problems!

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