You are Rare

We are often told true beauty lies within us.But in practicality we have faced the harsh treatment of you are not good enough.

It starts from school,when a short kid or a dark skinned or be a poor one with shabby clothes is mocked,teased ,because of his particular features.

You are lucky enough if this bullying stopped at your childhood because as you grow up it becomes worse.

Then begins the college where everyone wants to prove that they are the best.Sometimes by overstepping and crossing their lines hence the ragging.

Subtle form of bully would start teasing you by now for your looks,clothes,voice,height,skin tone .

Those who cannot stand your presence would start beating you up.

Why do you get mocked for who you are or the personal choices you make?

The truth is the bully or the teaser tries to reflect on you the things he has been through,finds you to be an easy target,poor conditioning at home ,getting ego boost etc.

So in the second phase your life should you compress your individuality ,become one of them or keep suffering?

Absolutely No.It will be difficult but not impossible.If you think getting respect is easy you are wrong,you have to fight to earn it.Be a person of character and stand up for not just yourself but others too.Be yourself because you are precious and beautiful in your own way.

Now is the age when you look for jobs.

Sarcasm alert –

As shown in TV our the fairer we are the more confident we are.Right?

Oh wait.If you cannot speak English you are useless. Right?

Okay more more. If you are thin or fat,you cannot get a job.

Because the job requirements are based on external factors and your skills,knowledge or education.

No my friends .Extrinsic factors do not matter.Skin color,weight,height are your characteristics and not your character .

Stop using skin whitening creams,endorsing increasing/decreasing weight/height products.

People will have a problem,mock you even if you are 100% perfect.

You will be selected to a job on the basis of your skills.If you are not good in English,work in your vernacular.Aren’t there opportunities for those speaking local languages.Weight and Height do not matter unless you are going for armed forces or other specific occupations.Models and actresses have broken all boundaries of age,weight and height and modeled their ways through it.

It may take time for the world to understand you or accept you as you are. But they will never accept you if you do not accept yourself and know who you are.

Beware bullies can be your friends,relatives sometimes parents too.

You need to be thick skinned and take constructive criticism.

Take an oath today to not change for others and accept yourself because you are unique .

You are special 

You are beautiful 

You are smart 

You are love

You are the universe 

Because You are you

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