A Borderless World Is Just A Dream

Globalization brought people closer to each other. A world which is bound together by environment and social media which eventually resulted into homogeneous societal culture, destruction of environment, climate change, human trafficking is showing the price of world trade. Even led to people believe in borderless world is just as comparing apples to oranges. This world can never be the place of same people. Across the nations people are divided by their differences of belief, ideas, thought process, behaviour, culture, religion. Indeed, that’s the reality of the society we live in; every soul is ready to rain on someone’s parade.

Terrorism is the prime trouble to humanity which is spreading from one to another just because the borders are not able to stop the transfer. Territorial disputes always burn bridges between two countries. If we cannot make state borderless; how could we even thought about living in same world without any defined boundary. To illustrate this Brexit is irrefutable proof in front of us. Furthermore, living in family sometime as well became troublesome thus trend of nuclear family is on peak nowadays. Somehow ever this fight of fantasy of borderless world possible will only bring demolition to mankind consequently we will end up having more civil war then ever, low education level, inequality, pollution, rich will become more richer than ever and poor will become more poorer than ever, exploitation of natural resources will makes the matter worser, high
population level, low self-esteem in youth.

Everything will the constituted and dominated by one institution or government similar as adding insult to injury therefore makes humans devastated for power. “How terrible is the pain of the mind and heart when the freedom of mankind is suppressed!”. Thus, dreaming of boundless world is a snowball’s chance in hell.

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