Importance of Hobbies

A hobby is a favourite subject or occupation which is not one’s main business. It is taken up simply for pleasure or amusement. A hobby must combine both ‘outside of its core business’ and ‘pleasure and entertainment’ elements.

Different persons have different hobbies. Some take to collecting used up stamps, some choose gardening, some choose painting and so on. But whatever be the hobby, it has it’s value. The work people do for a living or for gain is like a task imposed. They have to do it, whether they get delight in it or not. But human heart seeks pure joy in work. And this he finds in the hobby. A person chooses his hobby according to his liking. So it gives him real pleasure and amusement.

Moreover, different hobbies develop different qualities. Stamps contain pictures of notable persons, places and objects of the countries concerned. So stamp collection gives interesting lesson on history and geography. Gardening and painting develop a sense for beauty and joy in nature.

But everything that gives amusement is not a hobby. It must not interfere with one’s main business, and pleasure it gives should be pure and innocent. Thus, if a student neglects his studies in pursuit of his hobby, the hobby becomes a vice with him. Moreover, a hobby must not be too expensive for one’s mean. In short, the pursuit of a hobby should be kept within proper bounds.

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