Introvert-Is it good?

Introverts, in my opinion, are someone who love to spend a lot of ME time, who would not like to spend too much time outside their comfort zone and just become too exhausted to see too many people around. Our society, in general and according to my opinion, favor people who are extroverts and often mock us for being an introvert rather than making us feel comfortable about it. We often tend to not even realize this difference until and unless someone points that out to us, probably only to mock at us. Here, I will be talking about why being an introvert is good and why one should be proud of themselves being an introvert!.

Several reasons make a person introvert, a few of them will be discussed here:

We were born to be an introvert- Yes, truly, being born in that way is genetic, and often, we show signs of it as soon as we are born.

Introverts Focus- Introverts tend to often focus and do things carefully and are completely fine with it. They often feel that they can focus more when they are under a quiet and calm environment and will feel irritated if they are surrounded with a lot of people. It will make them not have energy at all.

Introverts are deep thinkers and are creative- Introverts are deep thinkers and often find ideas and solutions for any problem in a very different and unique way. As we know, creativity always pays off as they are unique and never ever thought of.

Introverts tend to form deeper relationships- Introverts often speak to very limited amount of people. They are always in search of someone who are almost like themselves and therefore, they never find many people to speak with. Whenever they find one, they tend to create a very deep bonding with that person. They create a small social group where they find people who understand each other and are happy in having small yet very deep conversations about any topic.

Introverts are good listeners- Unlike extroverts, introverts actively listen to people, they ensure that they understand what the other person is trying to say and dig in so deep to give a solid solution according to what the speaker has spoken. They speak less, but their words have a huge impact to the listener.

They think before they speak- Introverts take a long time to form their thoughts and this is why they often think about anything or in any situation before they speak. It is a skill to choose words and thoughts wisely and then speak up about it. It’s tough to explain it to others, but once they do understand, it has a deep impact.

Introverts observe a lot- Introverts are never just quiet or just active listeners, they observe a lot about what is happening around them. They are better in interpersonal communication because they observe the body language and the facial expressions more than their words spoken.

Introverts make good friends- Yes, introverts make very less friends but whoever they make, become very meaningful to them. They are very choosy to make friends, but, they create friends with whom, they will feel comfortable to talk to, and maybe that is why they are loyal, attentive and committed friends.

Whether we are an introvert or an extrovert, is something, which only people around us observe. It sometimes becomes a tough situation for introverts to be around people whom they do not know or they do not feel comfortable with, not because they are mocking you, but because of the fact that if people know you, they will surely come to talk to you, we are not prepared to talk to them, infact, it becomes scary and nerve-cracking to talk to someone.

If I have to give my own example whether I am an introvert or an extrovert, I would only say that my friends do describe me as being a more of quiet and reserved nature, and partly an introvert, partly extrovert. I leave it on you to decide whether being an introvert is good or bad!

I am going to share a link where one can test themselves whether they are an introvert or an extrovert, please do take it up, but remember, not to share and to keep it all with yourself. It will make you understand a lot about yourself.,Extroverts%20tend%20to%20be%20quite%20outgoing%20and%20talkative.,and%20spending%20quiet%20time%20alone.

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