Social media is ruining your life

Happiness. Happiness is that everyone craves for. Everything that we do at its purest level for happiness. The reason it is significant in this article because it explains how social media is ruining your life, and you don’t even know it. Think back to the time when you didn’t care about the clothes you wore or how many of them you had, you weren’t concerned about how your hair was styled and you didn’t even think anything about your eyebrows, nose, jawline or thighs looked. Since then, something has changed. Not all at once, but gradually you started to become aware of those things. With the rise of social media in the past decades, many young girls have discovered the world of beauty, fashion and makeup through the internet and over time it begin to control their lives. In youtube, particularly beauty videos – once you begin to become aware of your physical appearance and see older siblings, friends and people on TV and the internet wearing makeup ,doing hairstyles, wearing fashionable clothing you may start to feel insecure, you may think you aren’t pretty enough. It began to get consumed in this world of buying tons of products, and spending time focused on your appearance.

You start to believe that the reason they seem happy, is because of the way they look and you notice that when you dress up in your favorite outfit, put on nail polish, curl your hair, you feel happier. You feel more confident than you did without all those things. You begin to fall into illusion that problem is what you look like, and and the solution is to change what you look like and it certainly doesn’t help that a large portion of your free time is spent in this mental environment focused around appearance because when you are not busy being concerned about whether you look fat in the clothes you’re wearing, or if your hair got messed up throughout the day. You are consuming photos and videos of other peoples talking about their favorite nail polish, their new hair extensions, or the new diet they tried even though they were already at a healthy weight. We spend hours a week or even a day taking a information that we believe is making us happier and more confident, but is it really? No. Before i explain why not, let’s investigate a situation that is very prevalent in society today – Materialism. Clothes, makeup, the latest technology, perfume, jewelry, hair products, shoes. We live in a world where materialism runs ramping through the streets, catching the eyes of all those who are searching for happiness and don’t know where to find it. You may watch clothing haul videos, where girls spend so much money on clothes, that they don’t even need which then makes you feel like you’re lacking something. You go out and you buy bunch of clothes, to add to your already jam=packed closet, and the problem was that you didn’t have enough. But that actually made that problem worse, because no amount of clothing, shoes, makeup or any material object is going to fill the emptiness that you feel inside of yourself.

If you think it takes a certain amount of name brand clothes, or makeup routine that makes your face look flawless, to be happy, your search for happiness will never end. We believe that changing external appearance will heal our internal conflict with ourselves but only hides our problems, doesn’t fix them, you are locking insecurities inside yourself pretending they don’t exist, but they do and they’re begging to be released . Take a step back and be honest with yourself, our makeup, beauty and fashion really ways of expressing yourself or things you’re passionate about or are the things you use to hide from yourself, that you don’t feel whole and complete.

Don’t let any of it control or define you, you are something so much powerful and divine. Once you truly understand what being yourself means then you are free, free to discover true happiness and finally live in the real world, free from the false self identification that controls your life and your expectations, harsh judgements. You are not your social media status, you are enough!