Street Fighter 5

Somebody told me about Street Fighter 5 now I’m a big fan ofthis game .I find it extremely important to tell you .but youknow I went and got the deluxe edition so that it can me moreincrementally awesome,because somebody said they they youknow they can’t run the game and they don’t know what thehell’s going on and all of this and they’re kind of pissed offthat you know what the hell is happening here so as I said inmy other video you guys can go into properties go into localfiles and then verify integrity of the game now if it doesn’twork this is a talking about Windows 10 here because a lot ofpeople had only problems with Windows 10 so the best thingthat you guys can actually do is to go into this one right herelet me just see if this is unrecorded is okay I’m just testing outthe first thing you do is you open up this PC whatever my PC,go to computer tab right here go to on open settings nowyou’re going to see a bunch of popping up then you go toupdate security okay so now you’re going to see a bunch ofcrap over here Windows Update you go to Windows Defendernow for some odd good reason Street Fighter 5 you knowbeing lacking as it is so this is why I went ahead and boughtthis game because I love you guys and I wanted to duplicate itas much as possible to see if I could come out with a solutionso I didn’t want to buy any you know the regular based gameand we’re going to get into the review on this game too butuh you know so you know which I talked about in my otherone I said it was crap but now I’m going to make anotherreview to see if it’s good or not with the deluxe package but so far I went ahead and got it and saw that I couldn’t run it no
matter what the I did and as you can see I’m clicking play play
here nothing works it doesn’t start because Windows
Defender and is the only thing that has a problem with street
fight five I think that so far the only game that it’s been
having issues with so limited periodic whatever on on now
usually I shut this crap off all together but in this case you
want it to work you have to have it all on you go to exclusion
you see some ad and exclusion okay so what you do is you go
into as you see it says you could go to exclude file but you
know definitely go to the exclude folder gets for some stupid
reason you have to do the entire dumbass folder so then you
go into okay Drive see you look for the steam folder for the
heck is it oh sorry I meant you go to the program okay now
everybody has their own you know place where they safety so
just go to your steam steam folder but I think the default is for
everybody on Program Files x86 and then you just look for
that damn stupid steam where the heck is it okay here we go.
you go to there’s a crow steam apps then you go to common.
now in common you’re going to see all your freaking games.
lined up over here so you’re going to Street Fighter okay it’s so
freaking horrible that the fact that you have to do all this
garbage and then you go so you’re basically here right so
you’re going into this one and you just say exclude folder but I
think I’m gonna see that inside you just go up so let me just go
over so you go to comment where’s that so you just click on
that Street Fighter then you exclude the entire folder okay.

now you’re going to see something extremely beautiful
happen right before your eyes okay so you close out of this
crap and now I hope this thing doesn’t shut off the screen.
recorder on me but we’re going to see how it is there you go
Similar to the previous games in the Street
fighter series, Street Fighter V features a side-scrolling
fighting gameplay system. The game also introduces the
“V-Gauge”, which builds as the player receives attacks and
adds three new skills. The game features 16 characters at
launch, with four of them being new to the series. A story.
mode and 30 additional characters were added through
updates and downloadable content.
According to Capcom, the game was a PlayStation 4
console exclusive as both Sony and Capcom had “the same
vision for the growth potential in the fighting game space”.
it’s going to play right now!

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