A few months ago, A woman was shot in public for saying no to someone she did not want to spend her life with.

Love Jihad or Romeo Jihad is a theory which shows that Muslim men target Hindu women for conversion into Islam. This is done by harsh means of seduction, kidnapping, cheating and deception. This theory has been used by various political parties just to win their campaigns in certain areas, for example, Uttar Pradesh in 2014, BJP had used the topic of Love Jihad in their campaign to win. This roots its way back to 1947, where a forced marriage was considered to be an abduction. It was initially said to be found in places such as Kerala and Mangalore in Karnataka. Due to the high spread of this controversy, people started covering the topic in serials and movies which was again very problematic. After a lot of harsh and unexpected incidents, the government implanted laws specifically in areas such as Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh to prevent the “forcible conversion to marry”. There has also been reported cases of Reverse Love Jihad where Hindu men have tried converting Muslim women to Hindus. They are also said to be rewarding people who carry Muslim girls. This was more or less observed in Uttar Pradesh and even resulted in high number of rapes and kidnappings. This might also sometimes be a mere accusation of the people just to the mere thought that both the people in a relationship belong to two different religions. Sometimes due to the ignorance of society, even if a couple approaches their parents for the hand of marriage of another religion it is denied. This happens a lot in the Indian society but yet, young men and women across the country have their own forces of resistance. This law even though did play a huge role in stopping forcible marriages now is creating huge havoc between couples who are actually considered interfaith. The phrase gives them pain as they are unable to be with a partner of their choice. People believe in humanity over religion as it is just a mere belief but that belief is what has caused the destruction of lives and enforcement of a law.