Try these tips the next time you’re angry

Anger is one of the seven universal emotions and most of us tend to feel angry sometime or the other. You can feel angry if treated unfairly, denied of your rights or talked to impolitely for incorrect reasons. It can also be a way to express, react to or defend something which might be important to us. Feeling angry is common, but dealing with it does become tough at times. People tend to scream, yell and maybe even exhibit violent behaviour, which is not the best way to deal with your anger. Anger is a very powerful emotion, it can make you say or do things that you did not intend to do in the first place or something that you might regret later. This makes dealing with it in the correct way very important, even after knowing how challenging it can get. Below are a few tips you can follow when you feel your anger is not in your control. Try these self-calming techniques out to see how it works for you!

Tip 1 : Breathe!
The first thing that you need to do when you are angry and full of frustration is to breathe. Take few deep breaths in and out. Breathing helps calm you down, it relaxes your tense muscles and helps you get control over your emotions.Taking a deep breath takes your focus off whatever’s angering you, which can help you “de-escalate,” says Mitch Abrams, a clinical psychologist.

Tip 2: Stop talking to others and take a break –
We tend to displace our aggression, maybe even scream at others or say hurtful things unintentionally to them. This will do more harm than good. It will hurt them and also leave you feeling guilty later on when you’ve cooled down. This is why it is absolutely necessary to detach yourself from others, where you will take a break rather than venting out our anger on others. Keeping quiet and taking this time for yourself can help you gather your thoughts and in turn help lower your anger level.

Tip 3: Write it down –

It always a good idea to write down your feelings when you do not know what to share and how much to share with others. Whenever you feel angry the next time, grab a sheet of paper, write down your feelings. It can be about how angry you are, your frustration and the negative feelings going through you. Once you’ve written it down, you can throw away the piece of paper with which you will also be discarding the anger inside you. It has actually helped a lot of people feel better, and less angry. You can also try journaling if you do so, confide in yourself and that will give you a way to cherish how you overcame your anger and moved forward.

Tip 4: Do something you like –
Another quick way to distract yourself from the feelings of anger and exasperation is to try and do something you like. Play some music if that relieves you, try to sketch or paint if you find an escape therein. Doing things you love will help you detach from the negative feelings and make you feel lighter, to a point where you could actually confront your anger and maybe find a solution for it.

The times when your are furious, agitated and don’t know what to do next, have a glass of water followed by these things. Do not be hard on yourself and remember it is okay to feel angry sometimes. You just need to have control over your anger because being excessively angry would disrupt your relationships, quality of life, thinking patterns and even have an impact on your physical health.

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