Why Women Are Refusing To Get Vaccinated?…

As we know in this time of pandemic people all over the world are concerned about their health and life, everyone is trying their best possible efforts to cure and protect themselves from corona and that is by government has also decided to provide vaccines at  no cost to the states, there are certain awareness programmes that different people and organizations are running for the betterment of society but still there is the major part of population who is refusing to get vaccinated and they are the women. As we say women are considerd as the foundation of every family, they play a key role in supporting their households, they are the one who works for the whole day to take care of the family  and in rural areas they are the one who looks towards the agriculture sectors works in this sector for themselves and improve the livelihoods.

Here we are talking about the rural women because in this pandemic they are the one who are refusing to get vaccinated. With the majority of India’s 1.3 billion population still living in villages with little health infrastructure, the country is currently seeing the worst of the pandemic as the virus has reached rural india

In Maharashtra for example, by May 12, the five districts with the lowest vaccination coverage among the eligible population over 45 years were Hingoli (14%), Palghar (17%), Gadchiroli (17%), Nandurbar (17%) and Solapur (18%), data from Maharashtra’s public health department show. Over 75% of the population in four of these districts, other than Solapur, lives in rural areas.misinformation is now trickling in rural India where the major portion is of women and the main reason behind this is their household work women are seeing repeatedly saying that after the vaccination who else would work if we fell sick even for 2 days.this mentality should be changed and this could only be done if the family members initiate some kind of household works and convince their ladies to get vaccinated. Some are refusing by saying we always stays inside our homes so corona would not affect us easily that is why we have no need to get vaccinated.  Some kind of rumours are also being spreading around the rural areas that the people who are coming to give vaccines are not the actual doctors they have come to give us poison that vaccines can cause impotence, for instance–and suspicions that the COVID-19 vaccine is a ploy by the government to kill people some says they heard on the television that the vaccine’s side-effects will show up two to three years from now. Others believe that working on farms gave them stronger immunity against COVID-19, these kind of mindset has to be changed to save rural India from corona to some extent.

for this there should be campaigns in these areas to make people aware about the benefits of the vaccine and the major consequences of corona as well. There should be door to door counselling of people specially of women as if they understand the need and importance of the vaccine they can easily make their family understand and can convince them to get jabbed.