A series of high level meetings led by PM Modi-indicating cabinet reshuffle

A series of high level meetings led by PM Modi-indicating some reshuffle in cabinet of the ruling party: A series of high level meetings in recent days led by PM Modi had started indicating that a reshuffle is going to happen in BJP’s cabinet. All of these high level meetings were organised at PM’s residence and were led by Prime Minister itself. As per some sources amid attending dozens of meetings on various aspects of containment and management of the second wave of Covid-19, PM Modi himself has been silently working away for the past two months on this issue.

Prime Minister Modi held a series of meeting at different levels including the ministerial and organisational levels. Many prominent officials of the party also attended them including the home minister Amit Shah, chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, and BJP president JP Nadda. It has been two years since the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) came to power in 2019. And currently, a lot of rumors are spreading around about the reshuffle in party’s cabinet. As per sources, PM Modi is now assessing his ministers amid the slow decline in cases in Second wave. Apart from meeting prominent ministers, he has also started meeting members of his cabinet in small groups. At beginning of this week, he met with his 5 cabinet ministers where they were discussing their work, and focusing on their future roadmap of their respective ministries.

As per sources, PM advised his ministers that since this year was wasted on controlling the Covid pandemic, they should start solving the other existing issues now. This exercise will be continued until all cabinet ministers submit their reports related to this. On Friday evening, PM Modi held a meeting with home minister Amit Shah and BJP president JP Nadda, again indicating that something is happening within the party. During the second reign of PM Modi i.e. since 2019 somr BJP leaders have died, also some alliance parties of NDA i.e. Shiv Sena and Akali dal have left it. This has created more than two dozen vacancies.

During the first term of Modi government the Prime Minister closely assessed everyone’s performance himself and after a year of taking office the first expansion was done. About three reshuffles took place in cabinet then. This has not been the case in second term of his government. A major reason of this cause is Covid 19 pandemic where everyone including the Prime Minister, ministers, cabinet and common people are fighting against this pandemic. It is being expected that prime minister could reduce the burden of some cabinet ministers either by taking 3 to 4 departments or by dropping some people from the government.

With some states including Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Manipur, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh haing their assembly polls next year so BJP would also be focusing for getting more votes there. Some new faces from western UP could be given a prominent position. The series of meetings at the organisational levels, and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath and home minister Amit Shah meeting the PM does indicate that some new faces are likely to be inducted.

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