Does a toddler need a mask?

Due to the increase of the virus, people have been asked to wear masks and go to any public place or gathering but a huge question has been arising now as the vaccination drive for kids near. Should my child or baby wear a mask? Is it good for their health to let them wear a mask for such long periods? There have been studies that have mentioned that children under the age should not be made to wear a mask. Most of the researches point against the wearing of masks for children as the airways of children are already very small compared to that of adults. Thus, breathing through a mask becomes very hard for them eventually. This in turn increases the chances of suffocation.

Toddlers being impatient might not want to wear a mask on for a longer time and eventually might even remove it which could also cause contact between the mask and the body surface of the toddler. As kids cannot preferably wear a mask. How can you keep them safe from the virus? Start by not taking them to crowded places and if you need to try covering their face make sure it’s with a mask that is not extremely tight. Your toddler would not want to wear a mask initially but you could slowly introduce them to a mask by allowing them to choose one and by treating them too. You could also do fun activities such as painting masks and wearing them showing that you are a team. Children having comparatively better immunity due to the presence of thyroid are less likely to suffer from a severe case of the virus if they contract it. Up to a certain limit, a child can probably not wear a mask but when it comes to huge crowded areas even though the individuals around might be vaccinated with two shots it would be preferred if they still stuck to the masks.

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