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Frozen is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The 53rd Disney animated feature film; it is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen”.

Budget of the movie is $150 million. This movie earns around $1.280billion, Running time 102min, language is English, released on Nov 12 2013. Genre of the movie is comedy, romance, emotional. Full package of entertainment.

It was met with praise for its visuals, screenplay, themes, music, and voice acting; some film critics consider Frozen to be the best Disney animated feature film since the studio’s renaissance era.

Movie states with when they were young girls, sisters Anna and Elsa were joyous playmates and inseparable friends. But Elsa’s special power—her ability to turn anything to ice and snow in a flash from her fingertips—comes back to haunt her when she accidentally zaps her sister.

Elsa’s parents lock her away and close down the castle, which devastates the younger Anna. But once they reach adolescence and it’s Elsa’s turn to take over the throne at age 18, the two experience an awkward reunion.

Anna (Kristen Bell) falls for visiting Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) who immediately proposes. But when they ask Elsa for her blessing, she scoffs, loses control of her powers, runs up a mountain, and sends the kingdom into an eternal winter. Feeling guilty, Anna sets out to find Elsa with the help of unlikely allies — a loner ice harvester Kristoff , his loyal reindeer Sven, and a goofy, sentient snowman named Olaf.

Believe the hype – Frozen is not just a fantastic Disney film, but a fantastic film in general thanks to it’s catchy soundtrack, quirky script, realistic characters and important theme of acceptance.

Frozen won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”), the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film, five Annie Awards (including Best Animated Feature), two Grammy Awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media and Best Song Written for Visual Media (“Let It Go”),and two Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”).

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