In the midst of this pandemic the frontline workers suffer the most and many have sacrificed their lives too. To express gratitude for the work of healthcare workers students in Chennai have made fantastic posters which is a tonic that is a booster for frontline workers.

Usually notice boards in hospitals contain details about medical reports. But the notice boards in Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai are filled with posters made by children to express their gratitude for people in medical field.

In one card ” Thank you for being there for us. You are being a super hero ” was written. “Thank you so much for risking your lives for us. It is the most kindest thing anybody has done”, was written on another card. This thanksgiving work has brought smiles on the face of doctors, nurses and staff in that hospital. Like this there were drawings, paintings and letters about more than 200 from the volunteer children.

The dean of RGGGH said, ” the contribution made by children definitely made our day. I displayed all the cards on the notice boards as all staffs want to have a look at it”. He also added that one drawing of a child portrayed a healthcare staff as ” Captain America ” fighting coronavirus. Vedhika Agarwal, the one who is leading the project said that this a part of “Project Joy ” which is an initiative that has been training children to create gratitude cards for healthcare workers. So far the initiative has trained 250 children she added.

Though we cannot express our gratitude for healthcare workers in person let us atleast pray for them for their healthy life amid this pandemic.

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