Things we shouldn’t be ashamed of

>Being yourself

Being ashamed of who you are is a destructive concept in itself. It not just lowers your self-esteem but also shatters self confidence forever. It’s important to stop being ashamed of yourself, your weaknesses, insecurities, mistakes and fears and focus on good and postive things in your life. Know your strengths and initiate in bulding a better you. There’s always going to be someone judging you, so never let others direct the way you conduct yourself and lead your life.

>Your financial background

Most of us tend to shy away when discussing financial matters. The most obvious reason being, we tend to relate one’s financial position directly to wealth. However, wealth is now so much more than just the financial background. Also, it hardly matters how much or less you earn since your value as human remains unchanged irrespective of your financial position.

>Your family and friends

Family is what forms each of us and being ashamed of family is similar to being ashamed of self. On the other hand, friends are the peers we choose in our life. If you’re ashamed of your family and friends, then you might need to work on yourself. They are the only people who make your life bright and colourful.

>Your looks

Whether you are too dark, too pale, too skinny or overweight- it doesn’t matter. Your imperfections don’t define you or lessen your worth. Always remember, nobody is perfect. Perfection is hypothetical and nothing in the world that exists is actually perfect. All that matters is feeling comfortable in your own skin.

>Being a sensitive man

Since eras, men have been expected to be masculine, strong, courageous, aggressive etc. Being emotional or senstive were traditionally never considered a man’s traits. However, men do have emotions. Having feelings and being senstive do not make you less of a man. Accepting emotions, dealing with them and expressing them are basic human traits and men too are bound to it.

>Being a carefree woman

It is a common perception that a carefree woman means a careless woman. However, a carefree woman is just a free-spirited lady having a different approach towards life. She might not be worried all the time about her duties and responsibilties but tends to be happy and relaxed most of the time. Never pretend to be less or more of the woman you are to please someone else.