Things you can do to protect your memory power

The ability to be able to remember things clearly and have amazing memory prowess is essential. It helps you not to forget important stuff and misplace things that could interfere with the quality of your life. Having indistinct memory also can stand as a barrier for achieving growth in your personal and professional life, and can also hinder you from achieving success in your career. Most of us would want to boost our memory, make it sharper and improve our cognitive skills. It can also happen that with age we might feel that there are a few things that we tend to forget compared to earlier. Though these memory changes are a normal part of ageing, we can try these things to keep our memory protected and sharp –

  1. Do not stop learning – High levels of learning and education are associated with better memory. When we keep learning, it is an exercise that helps keep us mentally active. This is why you should try to keep learning, be it brushing up your knowledge or learning new things. You can also choose to pursue any hobby, read books or even play games like chess. These activities will help you protect your memory power.
  2. Repeat and practice important things – If there are things that you need to remember, try repeating them a few times, and also practice it if required. This helps strengthen this particular memory and makes it easier for you to remember it.
  3. Practice mindfulness – It is important to know that stress, anxiety, or depression can cause forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, and other problems that disrupt daily activities. There have been studies in the past that have shown that practising mindfulness boots your memory as it helps that part of the brain that plays a key role in both working memory and long-term memory. It makes your memory sharper and helps increase the retention power of memory as well.
  4. Train your brain – Nowadays we have open access to a lot of resources at hand easily. You can try and make use of these resources available online to train your brain and sharpen your memory. This includes playing word-recall games, puzzles, crosswords, and many other brain games. These are mobile apps that are easily available on your smartphones too. Just devote some time, even a few minutes each day to this fun activity that can simultaneously sharpen your cognitive skills by exercising it.
  5. Watch what you eat and get proper sleep – There are a lot of healthy food options that you can include in your diet to help your memory and keep it protected. Remember that your diet does have a big role to play in your brain health. Reduce eating sugary food and processed food that induce inflammation. Instead, include nuts, fatty fish, broccoli, and other healthy options in your diet. In addition to your diet, sleeping soundly for the required number of hours is essential too. Studies have shown that poor sleeping habits and quality do have negative impacts on your memory power, which makes it very important to watch your sleeping habits.

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