What Is Ragging?

The word ‘ragging’ literally means making fun loudly and boisterously and teasing and playing tricks on somebody. Usually it is considered a part of youthful pranks. But the word ragging these days has earned notoriety, evoking a feeling of awe and suspense in the minds of students.

In engineering and medical colleges ragging has become a nightmare to the fresher. In the name of ragging they are subjected to physical and mental torture by the senior students. Instead of extending a hearty welcome, the newcomers are teased and tormented in various ways. Many become sick and mentally broken. Some even give up the studies and return home. Every year at beginning of the academic year at the beginning of the academic sessions, newspapers become replete with reports of this barbaric ritual.

The justification in support of ragging is that it helps the freshers to shake off their initial shyness and adapt themselves to the new surroundings. It makes them smart and train them to face any odd situation boldly in future. But such arguments are thoroughly unacceptable. Nobody has the right to be so sadistic to the students who have joined the institution aspiring to build up bright careers.

Ragging is condemned by all sections of people and strong opinions have been formed against this cruel practice. Concerted efforts of the institutions authorities, government administration and above all the students themselves are needed to put an end to this inhuman method of welcoming the freshers.

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