All about Self love – why is it important?

You are the only person who will stay with you till the end. This is quite the truth, isn’t it? In the dynamic life that we all live in, change is quite a constant. With everything changing around us, be it people, situations, and places, there is this one person who will stay with you, no matter what. And that person is no one else but YOU! This is why loving yourself, being committed to yourself, and being your own best friend is indispensable. While you are on this lifelong journey, self-love is the best gift you can give to yourself. It simply means to love yourself, even on the days it seems very hard to do so. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself and treat yourself gently, just how you would do to someone you love. Remember, self-love is not something that can be a choice, but it is a necessity. You can only love others fully, and be able to attract love and kindness from them if you love yourself. Self-love is like an armour of positivity all around you, protecting you from the dangerous weapon of self-loathing. It is very important as it also dictates how you treat yourself, both physically and mentally.

Self-love is important because it is essential to take good care of yourself and put yourself first. With that, there are many other things that self-love does for us –

Self-love keeps you motivated – Self-love is associated with feelings of positivity about yourself, self-belief, trust in your abilities and power. This is very important in your journey of life. Often life throws difficulties in front of us. We have to go through hardships, failures, and crises. If you love yourself, you will not be hard on yourself. Instead, you will say “I trust in me and I know that I will pass through this difficult time.” This would in turn help you in succeeding, because it truly said, “We attract what we are!”

Self-love drives success – People who love and believe in themselves always succeed when compared to people who loathe themselves. A lack of self-love can very easily derail you from your path of success. These negative emotions fill up your head and you lose the capability to create, think and work hard on anything. Failed careers, relationships, and also unhappiness can all stem if you do not love yourself.

Self-love propels you to make healthier choices – When you love yourself, you know how to take care of your body and mind. This makes you eat healthily, work out and practice self-care. With that, you also keep your mind healthy by thinking and acting positively. You tend to be more giving towards others too. You work towards your well-being and also nurture yourself to become an improved and better version of yourself each day!

After reading this, I hope you might have surely found a reason to shower all that love on yourself. Keep growing, learning, and focusing on building a healthy relationship with yourself every day!

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