Body Language

Our verbal communication conveys information to others. Non-verbal communication like facial expressions, body postures, gestures called body language reveals our emotions and thoughts. While we communicate verbally, our body also communicates through various signals.

Importance of body language:

>Effectively handle things.
>Get co-operation from others.
>Find out if someone is lying.
>Create a pleasant situation for discussion.
>Attract others and gain others.
>Persuade others to fall in your line of thinking.
>Use it to your advantage.

Main elements of body language:

1) Eye contact :

It helps to exchange ideas, emotions, and information. Eyes reflect different states of mind like happiness, sadness, anger, love, excitement, arrogance. Too much eye contact shows a lack of respect or threat to the other person—too little shows less attention or shyness. Eye contact is a powerful tool to get the listener’s attention and concentration.

2) Facial Expression :

Facial expressions are extremely expressive, able to express countless emotions without saying a word. It conveys various stages of mind and attitude like pressure, sadness, interest, boredom, frustration, anger, fear, etc.

3) Head movements :

Head movements facilitate both talking and listening. They are used to express attitude and support oral communication. “Heads up” is considered a positive and neutral act. “He

4) Gestures :

A series of moving body parts from gestures. The face, head, and other body parts convey important messages during an interaction.

>Nail biting Nail baiting indicates nervousness, stress, or insecurity.
>Hands-on cheek indicates ones in lost in thought.
>Finger tapping or drumming shows impatience while waiting.
>Touching and rubbing the nose indicates lying about something.
>Open palms are the sign of honesty, sincerity.
>Pulling the ear lobe means trying to make decisions but remains indecisive about something.

5)Posture :

Posture refers to how an individual sites, stands, or lies down. Postures that may be open are closed. An open posture indicates confidence. The one who is not confident shall confine him/ her self to a closed posture, i.e., closed legs and arms. In a seated posture, a slight sideways indicates friendliness. Standing firm and distributing. You to maintain proper balance from falling. With this posture, one is perceive to be a confident and capable personality.

Tips for positive body language :

>Maintaining focused eye contact.
>Smiling which shows that you are welcoming.
>Warm friendly handshaking.
>Open hand gestures.
>Thumb up gestures shows positivity.
>Chin up which makes you look intelligent and pleasant.

Tips for avoidable body language :

>Nail biting shows stress.
>Resting hands behind head or hips.
>Mouth covering gestures.
>Giving artificial or fake smile.
>Keeping hands in your pockets.
>Looking away when interacting with some one

Maroju Sanjana

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