Buddha the enlightened one

Part 1: Childhood to Marriage 

Siddhartha Gautama was born born in 563 BC (Vaishakh pornima) to Rani Mahamaya and Maharaja Shuddhodhan of the Sakhya Sangha part of Kosala Empire.

Since childhood he was a quick learner,excellent in studies,kind at heart and compassionate.

It was Sage Asita @ Kanhasiri who first predicted that Siddhartha would either become a chakravartin (greatest king) or would attain enlightenment.

Since childhood he practiced meditation having learnt from one bharadwaja disciple of Alara Kalam.

He asked questions to his friends- Can it be right that one man should exploit another?How can it be right that the laborer should toil and the master should live on the fruits of his labor?

He refused to join hunting parties.

His parents were worried about the prediction of the seeds that their son might become a hermit.His parents thought that meditation is contrary to the life of Shatriya. Siddharth always believed that meditation on right subjects led to the development of the spirit of universal love. He used to say when we think of living things we begin with distinction and discrimination. We separate friends from enemies we separate animals we read from human beings. We love Friends and domesticated animals and we hate enemies and wild animals. He’s dividing line we must overcome and this we can do then be in our contemplation rise above the limitations of practical life(Source The buddha and his dhamma).

The infamous incidents when Siddharth‘s cousin Devdatta sort of bored by an arrow and left it injured .Devadatta claimed ownership of the bird as he had shot it but Buddha on the contrary argued that it is only he who protects that has a right to claim ownership.

Seeing his  inclination towards meditation and his supreme sense of compassion his father decided to marry him to Avoid him from becoming a hermit.

Siddhartha Gautama was married to Yashodhara who was the daughter of Dandapani.Dandapani initially opposed to the marriage but Yashodara was determined to marry Gautama and after a contest of archery where Siddhartha won,he married her.

After a long term of married life Yashodhara give birth to a son he was named Rahula.

From preventing the prophecy of the sage asita from coming through Maharaj Shuddhodhan thought of getting Siddharth engrossed in the pleasures and carnal Joys of  life.He built harem with beautiful women to attract him in it.But Siddhartha was loyal and uninterested in these things.The beautiful women ,the king were left disappointed as he didn’t budge an inch on this.Concluding What is it that these women lack that they perceive not that youth is fickle? For old age will destroy whatever beauty has.(Source The buddha and his dhamma).