How to start loving yourself

Self-love simply means loving yourself and taking care of yourselves. It is the need to care care of yourselves in such a way that you do not need anyone else at all to love. Self-love is an art, it can and should be practiced everyday. It is one of the most significant and powerful way of staying happy and maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves.It should not be compared with self-absorbed, it has nothing to do with getting self-absorbed. Self-love is all about getting in touch with ourselves, our own well-being and our own happiness. Loving yourself also means taking care of your body, taking care of your own mind, thoughts and actions.

Well, each of them will have a different way to love themselves, but there are certain very common ways to start loving yourselves, a few of them will be discussed here.

  1. Nourish yourselves- Nourishment given to our body is the most basic form of loving ourselves, it is more like pampering yourself. One can start off their day with something they would love to have, maybe thier favourite food, because the way we feed ourselves determine how much we love ourselves. It is sub-conscious but very significant.
  2. Treat yourselves for a good break- One can treat themselves out for a good lunch or dinner, ensuring that we go out alone, without any companion, it is more of spending time with yourself, so have none of them around you, you need to give time to yourselves in order to start loving yourself. Well, I do this more often, I keep giving myself these breaks by going out for a cup of coffee, always ensuring that I am all by myself, it gives me a very nice feeling to stay all alone with just a cup of coffee.
  3. Express yourselves- This is something which quite a lot of people lack in themselves. There is a need to express ourselves, not in front of others, but with our own selves, it makes us understand what we are going through, what has made us feel happy or sad or excited. Expressing ourselves can be in the form of self-talking, painting, listening to music, or playing your favourite sport. My favourite way to express myself is to self-talk. It may look foolish in front of others, but, it really helps to combat loneliness and feel self-satisfied.
  4. Realize that pain is your friend- Pain is something which stays with us throughout our lives, it comes and it goes away. If we let pain win over us, we will never grow. Our fear or pain of examinations, performing on stage, starting a new activity,etc. will always make us feel low about ourselves, will make us feel exhausted by over-thinking of what we fear about. But that pain or fear is temporary, it will fade away if we fight against it and step out. We should try our level best whether we succeed or not, it is temporary. This can make us feel good about ourselves that we tried our best.
  5. Forgive yourselves- Every mistake that we commit is something which will make us learn to be better in that. We often tend to keep pestering ourselves for the mistakes we commit any point of time. Well, I hate to express myself a lot, but the fact that it is for a huge amount of people, I will. Often, I have made a lot of mistakes in school, college, at home, and many other places. Often I have realized that it is my mistake and have apologized for it to others, but I have always been very hard on myself. It is tough to forgive yourself for any mistake as it proves to be a very very silly one. But, we all have to practice forgiving ourselves, it is for our best.
  6. Spend quality time with people around you- Spend time with your loved ones, they bring out the best in you. It can be your parents or your friends. They can help you get out of any situation which you feel can be shared only to them as you start feeling comfortable with them. They can help you feel good about yourself. Sometimes, having a few people who share the same tastes, hobbies and thoughts can help us in spending good quality time with them.
  7. Set boundaries- Setting boundaries will ensure more of our ME time and will help us mould ourselves more. It will help in realizing just the adequate amount of time we need for ourselves and will strike a balance between the time we spend for others and ourselves. It is very important to set boundaries. I love to spend a lot of ME time, I have never ever been a person who would want to be with people around for a good amount of time. It makes me feel more balanced.
  8. Protect yourself- This is very important. Protect yourself from people who take pleasure in your pain and often make you feel low. These kind of people never realize what we are going through, and often just make fun of us and make us feel very bad of ourself. It becomes wastage of time for us to be with them. Always stay away from them.

So, these are some of the ways in which one can start loving themselves. There might be many other ways in which one can love themselves. Please do share your thoughts on the same. We all have different ways to spend time with ourselves and love ourselves, what is important is the fact that we realize the ways in which we love ourselves and perform the tasks which make us feel more attached to ourselves. It is very important for the rest of life. Always be aware of not taking any negative thoughts amongst ourselves as this will change the way we think of ourselves and will make us doubt ourselves.

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