Rise in Vegan food demands

What is a vegan food or diet?

                 A vegan diet contains only foods that come from plants. Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals even dairy products. We can also say them as “strict vegetarians”.

         History of veganism:

                 Dorothy Morgan and Donald Watson coined the term “vegan” in 1944 when they co-founded the Vegan society.  In the UK. Vegetarianism can be traced to Indus valley civilization in 3300-3100 BCE in the Indian sub-continent. Early vegetarians include Indian philosopher Mahavira, Tamil poet Valluvar, etc.


                       Nowadays people are enriching awareness to themselves through the use of internet, social media and so on. Many people started to consume vegan food due to its health benefits. Yes, of course it is good to our health. Let us have a look on health benefits of being a vegan:

  • The reduction in cancer risk may stem from the fact that vegans do not eat processed meat or red meat.
  • Vegan’s diet also assists in weight loss through a natural way especially in a short term too.
  • As vegan foods are highly nutritious we can also be assured from the risk of chronic disease.
  • We can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by consuming vegan foods.
  • It comprises of nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, etc.

Because of these much health benefits people have started to be vegans nowadays. We can also say people are much health conscious during the recent years. At times over consumption of fast foods, meat, etc. may lead us to severe health problems even though they are tasty. We must try to understand the fact that taste in fast foods come from some food additives which are dangerous to our health.

         Hence people started consuming organic foods to maintain health. When everyone starts the practise of organic foods there arises a demand because we don’t have sufficient farm lands to harvest crops. As we all know day by day farming lands are turning over to factories, industries, apartments, etc. If it continues no one in this world will be able to consume vegan foods.

          Even people who eat meat and eggs have started to eat only vegetarian foods as non- vegetarian food increases cholesterol in our body. So the need for vegan foods increase day by day.

           Deforestation could also be the reason for rise in demand for vegan foods. Due to this we are unable to consume healthy foods.

          Not only ordinary people, even doctors suggest patients to consume vegan foods for their steady health. So each and every people started to practise vegan foods which could also lead to its demand. Especially because of more population we can arrive at a stage where there are nil vegan foods available.

As the number of human beings increase they avail more number of lands which are harvesting lands too.

               One of the reasons people are reducing the intake of animal products is because of its severe health effects.

  People started to consume vegan food not only for the benefit of their health but also for the benefit of the planet. By planting more crops and plants we can reduce global warming which is a major threat nowadays.

                   These could be the major reasons for rise in vegan food demands.

                   We can also avoid the shortage of vegan foods by following certain steps so that people eat only healthy foods.

  • First and foremost, we must follow the method of afforestation and reduce deforestation. Even if we cut down trees we must have the habit of planting saplings. This will lead to more production of vegan foods.
  • We can also increase the lands for harvesting by reducing the accumulation of lands for factories, industries, etc.  


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