Sharp decrease in immunisation of kids during 2nd Covid wave

Expressing concern over drastic drop of routine immunization among children specially during the second wave of Covid -19, healthcare experts have warned that there may be a risk of the children contracting vaccine preventable disease which may re-emerge as a potential challenge.

As per officials, an estimated 20 lakh to 22 lakh children across the country, under the age of one, are targeted for vaccination under National programs every month which translates into approximately 260 lakh children per year.

Healthcare workers have said that many parents are scared to bring their children for routine immunization against diseases like DTP, pneumococcal, rotavirus and MMR in fear of catching COVID-19 infection.

Almost all vaccines, including both compulsory and optional vaccines , witnessed a drop during the lockdown periods in both the years. While we may delay the vaccination by a month or two, compulsory vaccines must be administered as per schedule to build the right amount of immunity at the right time.

primary vaccines are very essential. If primary vaccinations are delayed, there may be a risk of the children contracting the vaccine preventable disease and these diseases may re- emerge as a potential challenge again.

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