What is Success, really?

Many people have often spoke about the secret to success or ways to become successful, some even believe that there are shortcuts to it, as if success is a remote place that only a few have traveled to. While the others are considered unsuccessful people ,defining success is a complex matter and my way of definition has changed and evolved many times over the course of my life. In our societies, we use the word ‘success’ a lot and we think we know what it means : money, status, fame and power. Success is in truth, rather more natural and less value laden then we tend to assume. It just means doing anything well, excelling at something and that might encompass a lot of different activity.

The Oxford dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. But it is really that simple? Is success about luck? Some will define success as not giving up if you fail. Some of greatest successes have been from learning through failure . Some people give up their dreams so easily that they don’t even worry about quitting on it. One thing that you can learn from the successful people is that they don’t really give up on their dreams, their aims to build a future life. When you fail to achieve the dream, you must find another way to get it done, you can also get advice from the successful people and give it a shot. When you try a way for tasting the success, it will be worth it and that even take closer to the success, your aim and dreams.

Normal people fear of failure, when you are trying to get what you are longing for, you must be ready for losing things. You work smart and hard and that’s when you can achieve something in life that you’ve been longing for days. Motivate yourself you try new ways of things. It is not easy and it cannot be achieved in the first try itself. In childhood, when you scored your targeted mark in the exam, that is success or when you did a work within a time, that is success. Well, you just got to keep punching and just take care of your business, you just realize until they come and shut you down or lock the doors and times get good and it goes back to what once again preach when times are really bad, we forget that they’re ever going to be good again. When times are really good, we forget they’re going to be bad again.

We should not fear anything, but we worry about everything and the day you stop worrying in good times, the paddle will get your behind and as great as things are in life. We should take next steps right now to get to the next level. You got to know what you know and what you don’t know and we knew that we understood the steps. That’s when you will achieve your and it will come true, finally your hard work and persistence pays.

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