Why do students have sudden aches and pains?

We get up in the morning, freshen up and sit for class straight. Nothing else. No here and there just straight on our desks. This continues for about say 5 to 6 hours. After Online Classes, we may have exams, seminars, coaching, tuitions and various other work which again confines us to the same table and chair for another 4 to 5 hours. When are we moving from the one monotonous position of ours? Students have reported giant problems over the pandemic due to the lack of movement among the age group. The students due to the lack of all walking and exercises they would do regularly now face serious changes and problems due to the same sitting and studying posture everyday.

A study conducted showed that Practo received a 680% increase on their online tele consultations for various orthopaedic problems. This response just shows the amount of dependence people are on doctors now and also shows us the increase in basic problems. People being confined at home become lazy and tend to slack off from daily exercise which has also been a huge reason for the muscles to become weak. People and students who once would walk an approximate pf 10000 steps a day now barely even cross a 1000. Its not the fault of any student or individual, it is just how the situation has forced us to become. But, the change to that is again on our hands.

You could incorporate small exercises and movements between your classes, assignments and maybe even your exams if you are sly enough. The bones and muscles in our bodies require a daily dose of movement without that they would not function properly too. Between classes you could stand and stretch for 5 minutes or even after you could walk around instead of sit. In the evenings, grab your earphones and go for a walk. If you are not allowed to leave the house, walk around the house and try finishing your step goal. These small exercises on a day to day basis could prevent a lot of future problems for you. One more reason for major muscular and bone pain is due to the hunching position of sitting and attending classes. Doctors have supported that every student should have a good posture and use ergonomic support while they are attending class as this reduces the risk of back pain and other cases. Again do not sit on your bed and sofa and attend classes as that is not very helpful as well. These small changes are what could make a big difference in your life and prevent very frequent doctor visits and calls.

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