YouTube, Whatsapp and TikTok were the most popular apps for kids in 2020 – 2021

Due to this pandemic situation, we are pushed to stay at our homes safely. Still we are in the same pandemic situation. During that time , schools and colleges were closed and they were advised to attend the online classes for limited time. So it is necessary for every student to have an android mobile phone or laptop or PC to attend the online class . They will find lots of time after their class gets over. This made children to surf videos, audios in social medias like YouTube, Whatsapp, TikTok.

A study was made by Kaspersky which is called the Kaspersky safe kids revealed this. Most popular apps for kids is YouTube, Whatsapp and TikTok. Last year has been different for all of us. Other than these online classes and homeworks these social medias engaged them more. They were interested in watching YouTube, Whatsapp and TikTok videos whereas the intrest for software, video , audio and e-commerce has gone up and the interest for internet communication media , computers and games were decreased slightly.

YouTube became the number one app , the second place was occupied by whatsapp and the third place was occupied by TikTok. 50.21 percent of videos searched by the children round the world were cartoons. The top 10 most popular apps includes Brawl stars, Roblox, Among US and Minecraft.

The most popular websites among the children were software,audio, video (44.38) % ,internet communication media (22.08)% and computer games (13.67)%. These sources were mostly visited by Indians. Children in India use PC to watch these websites. India became the fourth country to spent more time on YouTube app with 37.34%. Zoom app was mostly used by United Arab Emirates (8.40)% and Indian children (5.96)%. Though Facebook was not popular among many children, it became popular in Egypt (10.8)% , Mexico (5.9)% and in India (2.87)%.

When it comes to contents like music and singers , K- POP bands BTS and BLACKPINK and singers like Ariana Grande ,Travis Scott and Billie Eilish and phonk musical genre also became very popular among children. Most of the popular cartoons watched by kids in YouTube were Lady Bug and Super Cat, Gravity Falls and peppa pig . Other than these many creative videos were also visited in YouTube.

In the categories of movies and series, most popular trailers were Godzilla vs Kong , Zach Synder’s recent Justice League and Disney + mini series Wanda Vision. Next to these , Netflix also attracted children for Cobra kai and Stranger things.

The most frequently played game in most of the countries is Roblox which is among the top 10. Other than this Minecraft (22.84)% ,Fortnite (6.37)%, Among US (3.80)%, Brawl stars (6.34)%.

Sometimes these might change the attitude of the children. The good thing in this is, we can easily identify their interests. Some kids are born with gadgets which will be very dangerous for them. It might affect their health and eye too. Not everything and every one are wrong. Parents should monitor them while they are using social medias. At the same time these medias will make you at greater height. It depends upon the children and the things which they are watching and viewing.

The power of social media is it forces necessary change”

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