A massive technological revolution

Everyday we as humans are integrating more and more with the technology around us with the digital world. It’s incredible but what we’re finding that we are starting to blur this line between virtual and reality. As we integrate more with this technology around us, we are starting to find new ways to allow it to argument, we will all find ourselves somewhere along this continuum between the real world as we know it in the virtual world. We are going to be moving into the future very quickly, you don’t currently find yourself telling your friends about the other day when you were walking around a couple of social media sites and you grab some mates from the other sites of the world but the world is changing very quickly and we need to keep up with that, we need to rise the conversations as to what we could potentially achieve.

In late 80s and early 90s, there was the rise of virtual reality we had these headsets, it makes it very immersive and back then it wasn’t the right time also overshadowed by the rise of the internet but we could still see even then that, there was future for this technology. Over the last ten years, people invented smart wheelchair and was allowing you to or a person who needed it. The smart wheelchair allow you to control the wheelchair with the mind and the wheelchair could see, think for itself like a robot. It had robotics and artificial intelligence in there as well, also contains stereoscopic vision which has its two cameras that act just like our own eyes, they take two different images put them on top of each other and with that just like we can see in three dimensions. It can project those pixels into the third dimension giving it a third ordinate, allowing a very low quality three-dimensional photo. The technology itself has actually advanced a lot since then, now the rise of the virtual reality came back again in 2012 with the Oculus rift. When you are wearing it, we can feel ourselves in a virtual apartment and really immersing in it and when we take the device off, back to the real world.

It was really powerful, with that type of power in that sort of technology combined with the 3D point clouds from 2008, we can realize that we are standing at the verge of a massive technological revolution. We could potentially realize certain ideas as wacky as they are, certain ideas like being able to create a virtual copy of ourselves. All we need is artificial intelligence that will learn specifics about the person being copied things like their gestures, their mannerism, the things that make us up and the person can spend a lot of time with the system and the system can learn what makes up that person. This idea is actually very different and it’s very important to recognize there is challenges and opportunities with every new technological development, our prior relationship with the person being copied will affect the response that we have. The virtual devices makes us realize and reflects what it means to a human, it makes us reflect on ourselves.

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