Buddha the enlightened one -2

Part 2:Journey of becoming parivarajaka

After Gautama turned 20,he could be admitted to the Sakhya sangh as a member.There was a peculiar procedure of admission,3 motions were moved for any objection against admission of anyone to the sangh.If the motion went without objection,person was to be declared member of the sangh.

After 8 years of admission a conflict arose between the states of sakhya and koliyas regarding the distribution of water of River Rohini.There had been aggression and casualties on both sides.The sangha decided to wage a war,whereas Siddhartha was of the view of meditation and solving the problem.He opposed the mobilization  and the sangh decision due to which he was a party to expose himself to public shame.Sangha had no power to  Order in a fender to be hang or exile himwithout the sanction of the king of Kosalas,but could declare a social boycotting or confiscate family lands.Thus he had three options in front of him :- 

1)To join forces and participate in the war

2)To consent to being hanged or exiled

3)To allow members of his family to be condemned to a social boycott and confiscation of property.

He considered the second option and asked the purohit to decide either to hang him or send on exile.Hence the decision to become a parivarajaka and leave the country.So he promised to leave the country with or without parents/wife consent.Because of his decision the sangh postponed the hostilities against the koliyas.His parents were sad but there was no way out.Gautam wanted to avoid war at all costs so no reconciliation.

He went to ask permission of his wife Yashodhara, who supported him to the extent of saying that she would had done the same if in his place.

It was grief and sorrow in the heart of the people,the father,the mother and the wife.But he had promised the sangha he would go,so neither Channa his servant not King Bimbisara (Rajgruha) could make his go back on his words .Going back would make him a traitor and his family ,Raja Shuddhodhana would had face sanctions.

After some duration,a group of parivarajakas informed Siddhartha that after he left kapilvastu there were agitations against the sangh going to war and declared the koliyas as their brothers.He started questioning his decision,thinking the problem of war is essentially a problem of conflict. It is only a part of a larger problem.

He thought This conflict is going on not only between kings or nations but between nobles and bramhins,between householders ,between mother and son ,between sisters Brothers and between companion companion. The conflict between donations is occasionally but the conflict between the classes is constant and perpetual. It is this which is the root of all sorrow and suffering in the world.(Source The buddha and his dhamma).Thus began his journey on finding answers to wider question of humanity.