How covid-19 affects education?

Due to this pandemic situation, we are facing many problems. It affects country’s economy, education and so on . It has affected the educational system worldwide. This uncertainty period made the government to close all the educational institutions temporarily. So that they can bring the covid-19 under the control. The government and the other educational institutions discussed and started to conduct online classes in order not to announce zero academic year . So that it wouldn’t affect their career and life in future.

About 825 million learners are affected due to this pandemic round the world. This made many institutions to cancel or postpone the entrance exams and the other exams throughout the world. Cambridge IGCSE , Cambridge O Level exam, Cambridge international AS and A Level , Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge Pre U exams are cancelled. Other than this , International Baccalaureate exams have also been cancelled. Many other exams have also conducted through online and cancelled.

Basic level schooling or pre – schooling is very important for the kids because it will make them to take part all the activities and the environment which they create in normal school days is different and virtual class is different. This affected many final year students to achieve their goal. And this is not efficient as much as the normal days. We couldn’t observe academic integrity through out the world. Rise in cheating, malpractice, plagiarism have been identified. There is a lack of discipline by this online classes. There is no interactions between the students and the teachers. This online class has been started since the start of covid-19 in March 2019. From that to till now most of the students are involved in this malpractice to get marks. And for the assignments they are copying eachother and submitting without having any passion towards their studies. way of attitude and knowledge have been changing from education to other things. Due to this online classes, teachers are the only persons who are suffering because of students indisciplined behaviors. Working parents are in the critical situation between taking care of their children and going for the job. In order to take care of their children, many parents are leaving their jobs. Mental health of the students has been changed due to school closure.

This virtual classes affected the poverty line people cause it is very mandatory for the every children or students to have android phone to attend virtual classes. They couldn’t afford it. As of 12th March, 370 million students are not attending online classes due to this covid-19. 90% of the learners were impacted by the closure of educational institutions.According to UNICEF, 91% of students nearly 1.6 billion children and students are unable to attend any physical schools due to temporary school closure.

By attending three to five hours of online classes daily, this may cause an eye problem to them. Student’s may not gain knowledge from this virtual learning. Due to this , the grading systems been changed. But there are many online courses where students can select freely and get involved in it. It is upto the students to make clear decisions in this uncertain time to build up bright future.

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